Left the newly bought shoes in the public vehicle

The sister is working in the shoe company. Every time they have new arrival of shoes, she has one pair of those shoes before displaying it on the store. Plus, she gets big discount. I guess she wants to be the first one to wear it before others can buy it on the store. She will not let it pass especially if those shoes are color red. Shoes are her weakness, I must say. Sometimes, if I like the shoes, I ask her to give it to me. And she is too kind to say yes. Well, it is like a compensation for taking care of her kids.haha!

Yesterday, she bought another shoes from their company. As usual it is new arrival. She was telling me that she bought new shoes. It is a doll shoes and looks cute but she hasn’t show it to me yet. I supposed it is a surprise or maybe she is afraid that I might ask her to give it to me. It was her husband (my brother) who carried the shoes. When she asked him where is the shoes, they were surprised because the shoes are nowhere to found. They left the shoes in the public vehicle. They were sad of course and went to the highway hoping that the vehicle is still there. They went back home with sad face. Well, forgetful is a sign of aging. I just told the SIL that everything happens for a reason; maybe someone needs it much. Just think that you give it to someone who is needy.

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Craving for Halo-Halo

Summer season has passed but still I am craving for halo-halo (mix in English), the very famous thirsty quencher ever especially during summer here in the country.  Everybody wants to eat this halo-halo during summer.  This halo-halo is a mixture of different ingredients like mongo seeds, crashed ube, young coconut meat, mango, jackfruit, banana mixed with milk, crashed ice and put a scoop of ice cream on top.  You can also make your own version because you can put any fruit you want.  It is really up to you of what fruits are you going to put in your halo-halo.  It is very colorful and delicious.  To me, nothing beats the halo-halo here in the country during summer season.  I missed eating halo-halo and I am craving for it.

I’ll be going to mall this weekend to a little grocery.  I will be buying things that will be needing at home and in the kitchen because I do not have enough budget to buy for more. I should say, I am buying only the basic needs at home. While at the mall, I will take the chance to satisfy my craving for halo-halo then. Just sad that I’ll be going alone because bring the kids will be costly. Lol Next time kids.

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Window Shopping

Last weekend, the city celebrates the 29th Kadayawan Festival. It is a festivity for the bountiful harvest. The city is having kinds of activity in the city for the people to enjoy and have fun. Also, the malls are giving huge discounts to all the shoppers. They are giving up to 50 – 70% to all selected items and 20% to all items. It is the best day to shop that is why people are grabbing this opportunity to buy their favorites and shop with discounts. I like shopping during this time; however, this year is different. I’m going to say pass because I do not have budget to do shopping.

Even if we do not have budget to shop, still I, my sister and the kids went to the mall to enjoy. There are activities and celebrities at the mall too. The kids went to the play house (Wonderland), their favorite place at the mall aside from their favorite fast-food chain. While the kids are having fun at the play house, the sister and I went window shopping. Even if it is painful (lol), we still did it. The discounts are indeed tempting, but we have to brace ourselves. We did enjoy window shopping. I hope sooner we have budget to shop. Also, the kids are enjoying their time at the play house.

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Half rice policy

I was watching the news with my father when I heard the half rice policy. It says that eatery and some restaurant will implement half rice policy because some customers leftovers. They do not eat all the foods they ordered. It is wasted. And to avoid this, the half rice policy is the solution. It is kind of funny to me because half rice is too little for me. When I go out and eat outside, I always ordered two cup rice. Lol   And I finished what I have ordered because not all are fortunate enough to eat three meals in a day.

Few days ago, the kids and I went to the nearest fast food after fetching them at school to have our lunch. I am shocked because the half rice they have on the value meal. I even asked the attendant why the rice is too little. They said that it is half. Then I realized maybe the half rice policy was implemented. It was nice though because I am able to control eating rice. Good way to lose weight too. Haha! I am glad because I ate less rice.

Have you heard about this half rice policy? Is this really implemented?

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