Shared to me her beauty skin care secret

Nessa and I have been friends since college. We seldom see each other after our graduation because we are too busy looking for job. Our communication through phone is still there and I like it. We keep in touch each other sometimes. We have not seen each other for more than a decade. I missed her company very much because she is a very nice person, easy to be with, loves to laugh and laugh at my jokes. She is a kind of a friend that you will for sure keep for life. I am glad to be one of her friends.

After more than a decade, we plan to each other. Actually, it was her idea. She just messaged me through Facebook and told me that she will treat me and Ada for dinner. Ada and I are excited because we will be able to see each other again after so many years. When I saw Nessa, I am surprised because she looks really young. Her skin is glowing and healthy. I did not able to control myself, so I asked her what’s her secret of having healthy and glowing skin. I am glad she shared it to me. I have already bought the beauty product she is using and I am hoping for a good result. Thanks Nessa for sharing.

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Finalized my list

Even though I do not have plans yet to shop this holiday season, I still have my list just in case Santa will give me money to shop. Haha! Well, I am on a tight budget and my priority for now is to have myself checked by the doctor. I am not getting any younger and I admit I have felt pains in my body particularly in my abdomen. It really bothers me that is why the money that I have saved is intended for my health. Health is Wealth as they say, so I have to think of my health above anything else.

However, an angel named Analyn (my sister) asked me if I have something that I wanted to buy this Christmas. Her CC has just arrived and she will be using it this Christmas to buy something for her family. I am so happy about it and told my sister that I have to finalize first my list and will give it to her the day before the shopping day. *wink I already have made temporary list though. I just have to let go of the least important and will be added some things to buy for my father. Yay, I am so excited! Thanks sister Analyn!

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My new slipper

 photo 867bd280-c946-4c51-869c-da3b35a8a909_zps2ea12627.jpgBuying slipper was not in my mind few days ago. But after seeing this cute blue slipper on display I fell in love and opted to buy it right there and then. I am not fond of color blue that much however the blue slipper I saw is really lovely. You can see in the images I have shared above why this slipper is so lovely. Though this slipper is not original, the quality is good as well. I think this is intended to thrifty shoppers like me. I have bought the same a year ago and I like it. It also lasted a year. It is durable, comfortable to wear and not heavy for my feet.

It is really great to shop at the thrifty store for I can save some because items are not that expensive. It is friendly to my budget and my wallet, so to speak. I know that a certain agency did not encourage shoppers to buy fake ones but to someone like me who is always on a tight budget, buying fake ones is not a bad decision at all. Besides, I am not buying fake items all the time. Only when I need it.

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Reviving the younger hair

Our crowning glory age, as we age. We will notice the changing in color, texture and density. Whether we admit it or not, it does bother us. Our hair plays a big role in our life. It won’t be called the crowning glory for nothing, right? I am in my mid-thirties but my hair shows some changes. It is more brittle, rough, thinning, and white and grey hair are appearing. I wanted to have long straight hair but as it grows longer, it becomes brittle, falling and looks really dry. I am desperately looking for a ways to make my hair healthy and youthful look. And below is what I have found in the magazine.

We have to start shampooing at the roots. The main purpose of applying shampoo is to clean the scalp.   Shampoo should be applied directly to the scalp instead of our hair and massage it gently from root to tip. It helps stimulating hair growth from doing so. Brushing the hair brings out the natural oil from our hair, but we do not need to do it overly. As they say, too much is not good. I remember my grandmother and mother told me to brush my hair always to make my hair shine and grow longer. Basing from what I read, I can say that my grandmother and mother is partly right about brushing the hair. Lastly, use sun protection. Once the hair starts turning grey, it is best to use a leave-on conditioner that has sunscreen

So, the next time you went to grocery store, include buying the things that you will be needing to revive your hair.

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