Perfect time to shop

The sister has been planning to buy new pants and shirts to wear for work.  The old ones she has does not fit to her anymore because of the weight he gains after giving birth.  She wants to lose some weight but it is not possible because she breastfeeds her baby.  She opted to buy new clothes than dieting.  She is waiting for the perfect time to shop because the sister will also buy new clothes for her four months old baby.  The baby grows so fast, the clothes that we bought when the baby is one month old does not fit well.

March 16, 2017, was the city’s 80th anniversary.  There is mall wide sale on the department stores and malls in the city.  The sister and I went to the mall last Saturday.  It is the perfect time to shop her clothes and the baby.  It has huge discounts on almost all items.  We will for sure enjoy shopping because of the great offers.  The sister bought two pants and shirts for her at a low price.  Also, got huge discounts on the baby’s clothes.  Because of the discounts that we got, the sister also able to buy new shirts for her two sons.  It is like hitting two birds with one stone.  I also bought polo dress for myself.  Happy shoppers, we are indeed!

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Reopening the store very soon

I have mentioned in my other post that I will be putting up a new business this year.  It would be nice to have another income aside from blogging.  Blogging has been very slow for me that is why I decided to venture into business.  I have a small store before but it did not last that long.  I have talked to my sister and my father about my plans because I want to do a partnership with them.  After series of talking, we come up with the decision and decided to reopen our store.  Another risk that we have to take and I pray that this will succeed and will last longer that I expected.

Reopening our store is a big decision to make for me knowing that there are lots of small store in our village.  There are lots of competition.  The reason our store before did not last longer.  But at least this time we thought of different items and products from what other stores are selling.  I am still thinking of possible items and products that are saleable.  Products that are basic needs of the people.  I pray to God that this business will succeed and become profitable.  I will still do blogging because it is my first love and I love doing it.  Wish me/us luck!

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We all know someone who has an impeccable sense of style. Every time they enter the room heads turn to notice their outfit because it demands attention. These people can often leave you feeling inferior about your own wardrobe. You may find yourself asking “how can I improve my wardrobe and acquire finer clothing without breaking my budget and tapping into my savings account”. Fret no more! This helpful guide will give you some real world tips for saving money on clothing purchases. Consider this advice the next time you go shopping for clothes.

Always go directly to the manufacturer whenever you have the chance.

Stores like macys, dillards, jc penny, belk, and kohls are all convenient. They offer a wide variety of products at the same location. While these stores offer the convenience of one stop shopping they often do so at the expense of the customer. If you have  a specific item of clothing in mind go to the manufacturer for the best deals. If you need a new pair of nikes head directly over to the nearest nike outlet. If you need a new bottle of calvin klein perfume head directly to calvin kleins website. If you need a new sweater head on over to clarks for excellent savings and awesome deals. No matter what you need if you head directly to the manufacturer you will get the best deals possible.

Visit consignment shops to hunt for the best deals.

As new fashions come out every week they often make old fashions obsolete and unsellable. These high quality items are often purchased by consignment shops and resold to the consumer at a highly discounted rate. Consignment shops will also by your lightly used high end items and resell them. This affords you and others the opportunity to trade the garments they dont use in for something they can use. Why not save hundreds of dollars on high end garments while still going home with quality. Consider this tip the next time you need to add some flair to your wardrobe without going broke.

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Guess I have to buy cage for my dog

My three months old niece, four years old and six years old is suffering from a cough.  We tried to self-medicate it.  We bought medicine over the counter and start the medication.  However, there are no signs of improvement after two weeks of medication.  We then decided to bring the kids to the doctor for proper treatment.  We know that self-medication is not right, but when you are out of budget you tried to try your luck.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  We still brought the kids to the doctor.  We end up spending double because we will buy other medicines for a cough.

Another reason for the kid’s a severe cough is from our dog.   In other words, no dog/s are allowed at home.  I do not know what I am going to do.  Just thinking of getting rid of my dog makes me feel so sad.  I thought of asking a favor from a friend if I could put my dog under her care for the time being.  I will get the dog back when the kids are getting better.  If not, I will buy a cage for my dog and put him at the back of our house.  I am really confused about what I am going to do.  But the kids’ health should come first.

Can you tell me of the best way to keep my dog away from the kids?

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