Early Christmas Gift for Myself

Yesterday, I went to the mall to check on the money that a friend of mine transferred to my bank account.  I waited for the money to be in my account since Friday.  My Friday was not so fruitful because the money is not yet there.  I am glad that when I checked yesterday, it is in my account already.  I withdraw the money and send it right away to my friend.  I brought my nephews and nieces with me since I planned to treat them at their favorite fast food chain.  The treat is my early Christmas gift for them.  I treat them early because I do not know if I still have the money on Christmas day.haha!

We have our lunch at their favorite fast food chain.  It is really nice to see someone you love smiling and thankful of your simple gestures.  Well, my nephews and nieces are my treasures.  They gives so much joy to me even if they are so very hard headed and brat sometimes.LOL  After our lunch we went upstairs because I planned to buy myself a present too.  Because my watch stops working I thought of buying myself a new watch.  Buying thing/s for myself feels really nice.  Besides I deserves a reward for tiring chores at home.wink*

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Told her to buy new one instead

My SIL is very sad because the Iphone that her brother gave to her stops working.  She is afraid that her brother will get mad at her because her brother just gave it to her three months ago.  She asked for my help.  I told her to bring it to the shop/technician to see what is wrong with her phone.  And I told her that the repair would be expensive because her phone is Iphone.  I have a friend before having the same issue and she paid a bit high for her Iphone to get fixed.

The SIL went to shop/technician and true enough the repair fee is a bit high.  The fee is enough to buy another phone, not the same phone though.  She told me about the fee and I suggested that instead of having it fixed, I guess it is best to buy a new phone.  Besides her Iphone is not the latest one.LOL  I also told her to tell her brother that the phone is busted so that her brother will not be wondering if he sees her new phone, if ever she will take my suggestion.  I hope she will because there are lot of affordable android phone in the market today.  What’s the use of having a good brand of phone if it gives you headache?  Anyways, she can keep it and when she has budget she can have it repaired.

What do you think of my suggestion.?

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Pampering myself

When was the last time I am pampering myself?  The question I asked to myself last Sunday when I went to mall to pay my internet bill.  The question just came across my mind while waiting for my number to be called.  Oh, it has been a while since the last time I did that.  I forgot doing it and I missed doing it.  After all the tiring days at home doing household chores and baby sitting, it is just right to treat myself and enjoy my me time while I am alone.  Well, I deserved a break and enjoy life, after all I am single.haha!

Anyways, after paying the internet bill I went to my favorite place and order my favorite.  I treat myself first when good meal.  Arghs!  I really missed doing it with my sister before.  They say that eating alone is lonely, yes it is, but at that moment, I like it because it is peaceful and no kids to attend to.LOL  I take my time savoring my favorites.  After eating I started doing window shopping, but end up buying few personal stuffs.  Indeed shopping is fun more fun if you did not plan it.  It is more interesting because you do not know what you like to buy.  You just pick stuffs that interests you.  My me time was fun and I love doing it again!  Maybe next week again. haha!

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Trying new products

I have been complaining about the problem of my hair, my crowning glory.  Hair fall is severe and it is so brittle.  I have tried various of hair cream, thickening shampoo, and other herbal treatment but none of these are showing improvements.  Yes, I am so desperate because my hair is getting thinner.  I can’t desire the hair style that I want because of the hair’s condition.  I wanted to have long straight hair, but every time my hair gets longer, it started to fall and get brittle.  I have asked people from the salon every time I have hair pampering of what would be the best way to make my hair thick and stronger but not effective.

Just recently, my younger brother shared to me the shampoo that he is using.  He has been using it for three months and it does shows improvements.  His hair is thicken.  Well, not all products that works for others will work for me but still I am trying my lack.  Hopefully my hair will get thicken and the brittle issue will be resolved so I can have the desired hairstyle that I want.  I am trying the new products for hair treatment that my brother is suggesting.  I have been using it for almost two months now.  So far, I seen hair grows.  Good luck to me!

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