Unexpected purchase

We were riding in the public vehicle on our way home from the niece recognition day at school when I noticed a lady with her baggage.  She has three comforters and two pillows.  I was looking at her baggage and her.  Because I am thinking of buying comforter, I asked her of where did she buy those comforters.  She told me that she did not bought it, she is selling it.  She is a vendor and she is on her way.  I asked the price of the comforter.  If the price is not that expensive I will buy one.  The price is just right, so I bought one comforter.  We are making deal inside the public vehicle.LOL

Buying comforter on that day really ruins my budget, however, thinking that letting an opportunity go that easy is a bad idea.  I am grabbing the opportunity because buying comforter in the mall is expensive.  I am not regretting it because I really think that I made a good purchased yesterday.  We will for sure use the comforter that I bought on our family summer bonding at the beach.  Next month, I will try not to spend on unexpected things.  I have to save some for the family summer escapade.

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Thinking of getting membership card

I have heard a lot on one of the newly opened shopping mall in the city like nice products, great offers, and the best part is the free taste foods.  I really wanted to go and shop there however, only the members can shop.  I felt really sad because I really want to try their products and tried the free taste items.LOL  The membership fee is a bit high and I do not have budget at that time so I never bothered to get a membership card.  I just said to myself that there are other shopping mall and grocery store in the city that does not require membership card anyway. lol

However, the sister went to that shopping mall and bought some stuffs.  She is not a member but her co-teacher is.  She went there with her co-teacher and pick some stuffs.  I saw the towel, grocery items, and others that the sister bought.  The shopping mall really does have nice products and they also have nice offers.  Shopping there is really nice and the membership fee is worth it.  I have talked to my sister about it and we agreed to get membership card so we can shop to that shopping mall anytime we want.  Hopefully we can get membership card soon so we can start shopping there.

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Found the hair cream that I am looking for

My hair is so brittle, falling hair, thin and dry. I am having trouble taking care of my hair because of these issues. When I have my hair treatment, the woman doing the home service hair treatment shared to me the cream she is using. She said, it is good for my hair. She told me I can’t buy it in the department store or any beauty shops. I have tried looking for it too and I cannot find the hair cream. I end up ordering one from her. The amount is a bit high; I just close my eyes for the sake of my hair. I really want my crowning glory to be healthy, shine and not brittle.

I really like the hair cream because it lessens the hair fall, and my hair is no longer dry, too bad that it only lasted for three months. I have tried contacting her because I want to order another one. But I cannot find her. Last December 2014, I have another session of hair treatment by her. I am glad that she went to visit her cousin which is our neighbor. I made an appointment right away. I am planning to buy hair cream as well, but I do not have budget yet. One day when the SIL, the kids and I went to the small department store in the city, I found the hair cream that I am looking for. It is exactly the hair cream I ordered from her one year ago. The price is not that expensive. I am really happy I did not order one from her. Now that I know where to buy the hair cream that my hair likes, I do not have to worry in taking care of my crowning glory.

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Valentine’s Day Present

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Back then, my older sister is my Valentine’s Day date. We went to mall, watching movie at the cinema, strolling around, or having simple dinner together. But after she got married, I never went on a date on Valentine’s Day because my favorite date got married. She has someone to date with on Valentine’s Day. Anyways, those were the things that the sister and I did during Valentine’s Day before. I missed those times very much. I wish that the sister and I will do the same thing on Valentine’s Day because it has been years since the last time we spent Valentine’s Day together.

This Valentine’s Day, I don’t expect to receive flowers, chocolate or other stuffs from someone because I am not used to receive one ever since. But to my surprise, my dearest sister gave me chocolate. I am so touched because I am not expecting that my sister will give me present. Indeed, expect the unexpected is true. Even though I do not have a date or special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, I still got a present from my dearest sister. Thank you very much sister for the thought and the love. I love you to the moon and back!

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