Our swimwear attire


Every time we go to the beach I usually wear typical swimsuit because it is more comfortable to wear underwater and not too heavy when I swim.  The disadvantage of wearing swimsuit is that the skin will be burned if I swim for hours.  Though I apply sunblock but still I am suffering from sunburn.  Sunburn is really painful especially by back.  This is the reason I decided to buy new swimwear attire when we go to the beach for our summer getaway.  I have seen people wearing rash guard going to beach.  I like it because it surely will protect my skin from sunburn.  I do not need to apply sunblock on my back and arms.

I went to the mall but rash guard is very expensive.  I cannot afford to buy too expensive swimwear attire.  I went to different store looking for affordable rash guard and I am glad I found one.  My sister and I bought two rash guards for ourselves.  See in the image above the rash guards that we bought.  I must say swimming if more fun without worrying for sunburn.  Even if we stayed four hours on the water, it is really okay because our skin is very much protected.

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It is important to read details and reviews

Three weeks before the family summer bonding, the sister-in-law bought a tent online.  It is her first time to shop online and she is very much excited.  She live far from the city and no time to go to mall to buy tent because she is so busy with her business.  Since online shopping is trending nowadays, she tried shopping online.  Her order will be delivered in five days.  Because she live far from the city, and there is delivery charge when outside the city, she decided to give our home address and my name instead.

The tent was delivered on the expected date.  I am so excited to see the tent so we assemble it.  However, the excitement was killed after assembling the tent.  It is so small.  It is for kids only but tall kids will not fit when lying down.  I messaged the SIL right away, telling her that the rent is so small.  She is sad about it.  Her first online shopping is not that successful.  I guess she did not read carefully the size and the capacity of the tent.  She did not read reviews I guess.  This is a lesson learned for her.  I just told her that the next time she will think of shopping online, read carefully important details and reviews because it is very important to know a bit about the item she will like to purchase.  Good luck to the small tent that we will be using on our summer bonding at the beach.

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Early shopping of school requirements

My four year old nephew is now enrolled in kindergarten 1.  The school gave the school requirements too.  Although he did not understand it well, the nephew is very excited after seeing the school where he will be studying.  The sister went to three different schools and decided to enroll her son in the less  crowded classroom, with at least 30 students in the classroom.  My sister is a teacher and she knows crowded classroom is not good.  She is glad that among the three school she visited, one school handles 30 students in every classroom.  She enrolled her son right away.

In three weeks, it is enrollment time.  The sister will be very and she will have no time to buy the school requirements of her son.  She already bought the requirements of her son.  I go with her as usual.  We bought new shoes, bag, lunch box and the school requirements.  Buying early is a good idea to avoid the crowd.  People likes to buy on a last minute shopping.  We used to do that and I must say it is tiring.  Long line in the cashier and supply is lacking.  The sister wants to avoid those scenario, so she opted to buy early.  Her next stop would be the school uniform of her son and she is done.

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It is best to buy in a store where you know someone

 photo 8da3ad67-f52a-45f6-9c45-50bfe5b5c819_zps7x0gnphy.jpgAfter checking everything at the kitchen, I noticed that I need to buy new kitchen organizer because the old one does not look good and a bit small.  I need a big one where I can put all the plates, utensils and glasses.  I have been to the nearest mall and almost bought kitchen organizer, thanks to my sister who is with me that time.  She told me that the one on display is not in good quality and the price is a bit high.  She also told me to go to the store that sells kitchen stuffs.  There are lots of items to choose from and of good quality.

The sister is really right, because at the store we we went, there are lots of kitchen organizer, bigger one, cheaper and of good quality.  I am glad I have a sister with me who is my critic when it comes to buying stuffs.  After we decided what to buy, the sister called the attendant, to our delight, the attendant is a friend of my sister.  It is like hitting the jackpot I must say, because we are not only buying a good quality of kitchen organizer, we also got a discount.  It is really best to buy in a store where you know someone because you will definitely get a discount.  Thanks to the friend of my sister.

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