Ointment for skin itchiness

 As far as I know I do not have skin allergy.  But I have this skin itchiness for weeks now.   It started when we went swimming in the public pool.  This is the disadvantage of swimming in the public swimming pool.  Since then I keep on scratching my arms, back and neck.  It makes me mad sometimes because I am losing patience.  It is not my first-time swimming in the public pool and I do not have this itchiness then.  I guess the pool that time is really dirty.LOL My niece and older sister has the same itchiness too but it is gone now.  My itchiness stays for weeks and I really hate it.

I told the sister about it and showed to her my arms and back.  I tried putting herbal oil but it is not helping.  Also tried the ointment that my sister and it is not working too. I do not like looking at my arms now because of the rashes that gives me so much itch.  I hope to find ointment that I can buy over the counter because I do not like going to the doctor for I do not have budget.  I pray that somebody can suggest for medicine or ointment that I can use so this itchiness will be gone for good.  In fact, I am scratching my arms while writing this article.  And it is because I eat chicken that is not good for skin allergy.argsh!

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Bought school uniform for the niece

Last Friday, we went to the mall to buy the school requirements of the kids.  The classes will start on June 5,2017, Monday.  The kids are not ready yet to go to school because we wanted to play more than going to school.  But after seeing their school uniforms, new school bags, new shoes and school requirements, they suddenly eager to go to school.  Yes, they are motivated to go to school when they saw their new stuffs for school.  The kids are so easy to please and motivate.  You just should show them some new stuffs and that’s it!

I went to mall with sister because she needs an assistant. LOL  Also, I am thinking of buying new school uniform for the niece.  I wanted to surprise her with new school uniform.  It is my way of saying thank you for being a good girl and for being helpful to me when I need her.  She is more responsible than her older sister.  Seeing her surprised look when I told her that I bought her new school uniform makes me happy.  She said thank you to me.  She told her parents too that she already has school uniform.  She is more excited to go to her new school.  I wish her good luck and wish she will do well at school.

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Back to school sale

Because it is back to school, the mall and department stores are having a back to school sale.  It is four days back to school sale, it is a perfect timing to buy all the school requirements of your kids and their school uniforms.  An opportunity like this should not be missed because this is the time to shop at the very low price and almost all items are on sale.  You can save some when malls and department stores are on sale because of the huge discounts.  List down the things you’re going to buy and go to the nearest malls or department store to grab this opportunity.

My sister already enrolled her two sons at school and have a copy of the kids’ requirements at school.  It is perfect because the back to school sale starts tomorrow at the mall near us.  The sister will grab this great offer and will shop this Sunday.  The sister is glad that the teacher already gave the requirements of my nephew, she can grab the four days back to school sale at the mall.  I will be accompanying the sister this Sunday as usual and will do window shopping for myself, and if I like something, I might end up buying again.  Argsh! It is not easy being an impulsive buyer.

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Beach wear for summer outing

This weekend will be our summer outing at the beach.  She just thought of treating the kids before the school starts.  Well, she just wanted to grant the wish of her first born who always told her that he likes to go to the beach and play with sand.  It was a simple wish from a six year old boy.  And it will be a perfect family outing and bonding since they are both working.  They only have short time to spend with their kids.  The date and decision is so abrupt.  The sister just said we will go to the beach this Sunday.  That’s it.  We do not know what beach we will be at.whew*

Because the decision is so abrupt, we have to list down the things that needs to buy and foods to bring.  We will go first with the beach wear.  The sister wants to buy new beach wear for her kids especially her little princess.  She wanted to buy swimsuit for her only girl.  It would be very difficult because the niece is only six months old.  We will be going to the department store tomorrow to buy beach wear or swimwear for the kids and for us if we find any.  And we are all ready for our short family summer outing and bonding.

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