Last Minute Shopping

Because I do not like to shop in a very crowded mall or department store, I decided to buy personal things for myself.  I bought pants, dresses, shoes and shirt.  That is all I need for I have enough clothes in my closet.  I bought the clothes that I will be wearing on different Christmas party that I will be attending.  I refrain myself my buying too much because I opted to save than to spend.  It is good to save some for the rainy days.  I did went to mall accompanying my nieces, nephews, and sister who are doing the shopping.  I have seen lots of items with a huge discount.  I admit I got tempted to buy but thanks goodness I am able to control.

However, on the last day of the year 2016 I did not able to control myself.  It was a last minute shopping because I am looking for a color green dress or t shirt for it the color of the year.  It was never a planned.  My SIL just told me to bring her kids to the mall for she will buy green t-shirts for them.  While waiting for them I am doing window shopping too. I am surprised because I end up buying some clothes for myself.  I am being an impulsive buyer again.  So sorry!  But I did not regret it because I am contented and happy of the result of our last minute shopping.

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Your home could very well be the greatest investment you’ll ever make

Home remodeling and renovation has never been more popular than it is right now. What with the real estate market still a bit unpredictable and costly to invest in, still slowly recovering from the recent worldwide recession, homeowners are more and more electing to improve their current homes as opposed to simply packing up and moving to a new location. What used to be en vogue and affordable now seems to be a bygone trend that won’t likely resurface for quite some time to come.

Some homeowners have the skills and expertise in home renovation projects to undertake projects around the house on their own, with very little or no outside help required to do quality work on their job. The number of these skilled craftsmen, however, comprises a very small number of homeowners overall.

Unlike homes from a bygone era, when things in the home were comparatively much more simple in construction and functionality than they are today, the current home may seem rather complex and difficult to repair or replace things on one’s own.

Tremendous advancements and improvements on different materials and mechanics in the home can make what used to be a somewhat basic do-it-yourself project now a rather daunting task. The mere thought of undertaking an expensive renovation project on one’s own could possibly turn into a failed attempt, an expensive, time-consuming waste of time. An intimidating thought that can give even the most enthusiastic fixer-upper cause for hesitation.

To ensure that the home renovation project is done in a professional manner, sure to last and operate for as long as it’s supposed to, and as importantly, gets done right the first time, homeowners are more frequently getting assistance. Assistance from licensed contractors in their area that bring specialization and vast experience into the project.

From contractors that work with home foundations to driveway sealing contractors, and every conceivable area or situation in between, there are contractors out in the marketplace that can be contacted in your area. Ones that will come to your home, assess the situation and the needs for the job, and provide estimates as to the project cost.

To get the most in-depth, comprehensive listing of contractors in their area, homeowners are turning to reliable, dependable website sources, one like A site that can provide information on local contractors from A-Z, covering any and all needs the homeowner currently has, and serving as a great resource to reference for contractor needs in the future.

Your home could very well be the greatest investment you’ll ever make. When something breaks down or needs attention, get in touch with a contractor. Take great care of your precious investment, and take care of business the right way, the very first time around. A smart investment of time and money in itself.

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Early Christmas gift from my SIL

Last Sunday I went to visit my older brother and his wife in Panabo City.  The city next to our city.  I have to travel for one hour and 30 minutes to reach his place.  Even though the rain is pouring, it did not stop me from going.  I have to ask the brother a favor that is why I still go even if I am not feeling really well.  I can’t bring my two nieces with me because of the bad weather, I brought with me my neighbor.  She is close to me so approaching her if she could come with me is easy.  She said yes right away because she likes to travel and riding in a bus.

After lunch, the SIL brought us to the mall.  My brother gave me money so I could buy the favor I asked of him.  We we’re having fun strolling around, window shopping and looking for a dress that I could wear on the event I am going to attend this Christmas day.  It took me more than an hour looking and deciding for the dress to buy.  I am so thankful to my SIL because of the patience she has in me.  Not only that, she did pay the dress that I picked.  Said that it is a gift for me.  I am so happy and thankful to her.  Thank you for the early Christmas gift Ana Lou (my SIL’s name).  Also, to my brother for the money he gave me.  God bless you both!

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Excited for the Christmas shopping

Christmas is fast approaching.  People are so busy buying new things before Christmas, buying Christmas decorations, doing early shopping to avoid shopping rush, and buying gifts for their love ones.  People are so excited and looking forward for this holiday to come because this is the day where the family are complete, doing reunion and have more bonding.  I myself is so excited the family will be complete during Christmas and New year.  Double the excitement for the family because we are celebrating the 6th birthday of my nephew on the 25th and also, the christening of my niece.  What is celebration indeed for the family.

My sister would be very busy this 25th of December I must say.  The sister is done doing the things to buy for the event.  She wanted it simple and memorable celebration.  I am helping her doing the preparation.  The Christmas shopping would be on the second week of December and I am so excited because my Christmas list too.haha!  Hopefully the celebration would be a success and that all the invited guests could come and celebrate with us.  Oh, by the ways I am one of the godparents of my pretty niece and it makes me more excited.

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