Ciara: No makeup On? No Worries!

Known for her head turning and alluring image on the red carpet, heavily pregnant Ciara snubbed make-up and showed everyone her bare face during the Makers Conference, an event celebrating trailblazers in California, with her husband, Russell Wilson in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Aside from snubbing her make up during the event, the singer also ditched heels and went to the event wearing flats. That actually looks relieving! The expectant mom and artist chose to wear an off-the-shoulder velvet dress by Rhea during the event, while husband Russell Wilson hit the red carpet wearing a semi-formal outfit.

Ciara chose to embrace her natural beauty and showed us a glimpse of that with her blonde, wavy hair. She paired the dress with a pair of dusty rose pointy-toe flats that laced up her ankles.

Fans have mixed reactions to Ciara’s seemingly changed image. Some were completely shocked, knowing how glamorous Ciara can get, some were happy that she chose to go with the simple outfit while some blame the pregnancy saying that some pregnant women just don’t care about how they look anymore.

Their opinions don’t matter, as long as Ciara is happy with what she chose to wear. She gave some of us an image that no matter what happens; you don’t let others dictate what you want to do. Go with what your heart wants.

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Ruined my budget but I am happy

Last week I went to the doctor with my father for his monthly check up.  As usual, we came early because my father do not want to be late or be stuck in the traffic.  He always have an hour of allowance to make sure he came on time.  And because we have not encounter any traffic, we came very early at the doctor’s clinic.  We arrived at 1 0’clock in the afternoon and the doctor’s clinic is at 2 0’clock in the afternoon.  How is that?  If there is an award for an early bird am sure the father will bag the award.LOL!

It was 3 0’clock in the afternoon and the doctor has not arrive yet.  I asked the secretary of what time the doctor will arrived, and she answered me that the doctor will arrived at 4 0’clock.  He has to finished something urgently so he will come late.  To make the long story short, I got so bored waiting for the doctor.  I told my father that I will be going to the thrifty store for awhile.  It is near the hospital so my father just say yes.  It was not in my plan to spend money that day but because I get bored I end up buying dress at thrifty store.  It is not dress by the way, but dresses.  Yes, I bought two dresses that day at the thrifty store.  I do not have any regrets though because I like what I bought.  Just that it ruined my budget but I am happy.  That is the most important thing.haha!

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Finally found the time to sit down and update my blogs

I became so busy during the holiday season up to now.  I do not have the time to sit down and update my blogs.  I am so guilty seeing the status of my blogs.  I have to double time working on the pagerank, alexa rank and blog post updates.  Because of the house renovation, and taking care of the kids, I get so tired and instead of sitting down and update my blogs, I opted to rest and sleep because I am so drained.  I am so glad now that I got the time to update my blogs.

I plan to stay up late today do some update on my blogs.  Sad to say, I do not have the idea of what to write.  I just wrote what I have in mind at this very moment.  I have done updating my four other blogs.  I feel relieved.  This post is my last update for today.  Since I do not know what to write in here, I decided to write this kind of post.  I am sharing what keeps me busy and how I am able to write this kind of post.  In fact I am smiling of this post because I feel like I am talking to someone.  I am sharing my thoughts to someone.  This is what I like about blogging, I can share it here what I have in mind and what I wanted to say that I cannot share it to someone.  Enough for today because I feel the need to lay down and sleep.  Time check, 1 :00 in the morning time to sleep!

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Last Minute Shopping

Because I do not like to shop in a very crowded mall or department store, I decided to buy personal things for myself.  I bought pants, dresses, shoes and shirt.  That is all I need for I have enough clothes in my closet.  I bought the clothes that I will be wearing on different Christmas party that I will be attending.  I refrain myself my buying too much because I opted to save than to spend.  It is good to save some for the rainy days.  I did went to mall accompanying my nieces, nephews, and sister who are doing the shopping.  I have seen lots of items with a huge discount.  I admit I got tempted to buy but thanks goodness I am able to control.

However, on the last day of the year 2016 I did not able to control myself.  It was a last minute shopping because I am looking for a color green dress or t shirt for it the color of the year.  It was never a planned.  My SIL just told me to bring her kids to the mall for she will buy green t-shirts for them.  While waiting for them I am doing window shopping too. I am surprised because I end up buying some clothes for myself.  I am being an impulsive buyer again.  So sorry!  But I did not regret it because I am contented and happy of the result of our last minute shopping.

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