Beach wear for summer outing

This weekend will be our summer outing at the beach.  She just thought of treating the kids before the school starts.  Well, she just wanted to grant the wish of her first born who always told her that he likes to go to the beach and play with sand.  It was a simple wish from a six year old boy.  And it will be a perfect family outing and bonding since they are both working.  They only have short time to spend with their kids.  The date and decision is so abrupt.  The sister just said we will go to the beach this Sunday.  That’s it.  We do not know what beach we will be at.whew*

Because the decision is so abrupt, we have to list down the things that needs to buy and foods to bring.  We will go first with the beach wear.  The sister wants to buy new beach wear for her kids especially her little princess.  She wanted to buy swimsuit for her only girl.  It would be very difficult because the niece is only six months old.  We will be going to the department store tomorrow to buy beach wear or swimwear for the kids and for us if we find any.  And we are all ready for our short family summer outing and bonding.

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First try of her new walker

The niece just turned six (6) months old a week ago.  Her legs is a bit strong so her mother decided to buy her a new walker.  The old walker will be put in our house since the niece will be in our house once her mother starts working.  The new walker will be in their house.  The new walker that the sister bought is nice and the color is so perfect for her princess.  The older walker is so manly because the owner is her first born, a son.  It is still in good condition but the sister wants to buy her princess a new one.  A thing that her little princess owns.wink*

The little princess had her first try of her new walker.  As you can see in the picture I shared that the niece is enjoying it.  Though she gets bored at first but now she is enjoying it.  Her mother can do more chores at home.  She will be doing chores while the niece is busy walking here and there.  But still she keeps her attention to her little princess while she is cooking, washing dishes, or folding clothes.  Indeed, the walker helps the sister and also the niece to start practice walking for her legs to be much stronger.

The timing was perfect when we bought the walker for the niece last week because it has 20% discounts.  We save some money because of the huge discounts.

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3 Days Sale at the Mall

Because it is Labor Day (Holiday), malls are offering the various sale on almost all items.  This is to make the shoppers go wild.haha!  This is not good for it will ruin your budget but this is not new to us shoppers.  Even though it ruins our budget, we still do it thinking that we can save compared to buying it at regular price.  grabbed this opportunity because We always do grab this kind of opportunity to get the items that we want with huge discounts.  Some shoppers are waiting for this opportunity to come.  And I am guilty of that.

This afternoon, I will be going to the mall with my sister to grab this 3 days sale.  She has the items on her list already.  Hopefully, all items are on sale.  Shopping with my sister will consume time, I will just enjoy myself doing the window shopping like I always do.  When I see something interesting and nice, that’s where my window shopping plan changed.  But with my sister around, it would be a long discussion for she does not want me to buy using my eyes only.  She said, if I really need it then I will, if not, I’ll pass.  Good Luck to me later.

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Thinking of a unique giveaways

My brother is getting married this year.  The long wait is over for us because we have been praying for them to decided to finally tie the knot.  They are not getting any younger especially my brother and they have been living under one roof for almost three years now.  It is time for them to make it legal.  We are so happy for them and wishes them happiness always now that they are expecting their first baby.  Yes, my future sister-in-law is two months on the way.  This will be one of the happiest years of their lives.

We are preparing for their big event.  We want it to be memorable to the both of them.  They have already decided the place, and the church.  The date is not yet set, and while waiting for the date to be decided, we are thinking of the unique giveaways to their guest and visitors on their wedding.  I have to ask the brother first of their wedding motif and the giveaways that they like.  I hope to find a simple wedding giveaways that suit to the couple and will represent them.  Have to decide soon so we can start making the giveaways.

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