Making use of what is available

This week is a career guidance week at school.  There is a program at the school where students are encouraged to wear the of what they want to be when they grew up.  The nieces are confused about what they want to be because they have several in minds.  They want to become a nurse, want to take up computer related course, a teacher, flight attendant, and doctor.  They are in the middle of selecting the costume to wear.  My 11 years old niece is a bit picky, she makes sure that she will look good and her dress/costume will stand out.  While my 14 years old niece is confused about what she really wants.

Since they can’t decide yet, I give my unsolicited advice.haha!  I told them that since they do not have enough time and looking for another costume will cost a bit and no one will help them in doing it because their parents are both working.  Because to become a teacher is one of their choices, why not wear a school uniform of their aunt (my sister) who is a teacher.  My sister has lots of old school uniforms.  Instead of spending, why not make use of what is available.  I am glad that the nieces consider my suggestion.  And now they are wearing an old school uniform of their aunt.  To be picky is not applicable when you are running out of time and budget.  Good luck to the future teachers in the family.wink*

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Hair wigs as your crowning glory?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I know you already heard the saying that ‘hair is your crowning glory’. Do you believe in that? Perhaps you believe in it and that is why you take good care of your hair to make it more beautiful each day.

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Denim theme on her first birthday

My sister is the kids of person that plan everything ahead of time to avoid panicking and stress.  As much as possible, she wants to get things ready and organized two weeks before the event.  Which is good because when you are stress and panicking because you were running out of time, you cannot think straight for you are confused about what should be done first.  The same thing she did on her wedding day.  She is less stress because all is set three weeks before the wedding day.  We relaxing and just waiting for the sister’s big day, her wedding.  She acts as the wedding planner during her wedding day.  She likes the outcome of her wedding.  Less stress and very nice flow of the event.

After that experience, the sister is also the event coordinator of her two sons.  At the moment, she is planning for the first birthday celebration of her little princess this October.  She has thought of the theme and motif already.  The sister decided to have a denim motif for her little princess’s first birthday.  I am pretty sure that this would be a very nice event.  Simple and memorable for the family.  Oops, I guess I have to look for a denim dress that I will wear on the niece first birthday.  Let’s go denim party.

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She gives justice to the dress

image not mine

Finally, the Philippines representative in the recently concluded Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 wins the title.  Yes, Maureen Wroblewitz remains victorious after weeks of hardships and trials of photo shoot and pictorials.  I was not able to see all the episodes weekly but I make sure that I will not miss the remaining weeks before the final.  The Philippines bet Maureen is not the frontrunner and considered to be the unexpected candidate.  She rises at the time that she needed it the most.  She proves to everybody that she deserves to be there and she has something to show off.  The photos that she won tells that I want this and I will win this.

Anyways, on the finale night, I make sure that I will not miss it for I really felt that Philippines bet will win the captivating Asia’s Next Top Model title.  Indeed, Maureen became victorious. She stood up on the runway and nailed the last photo shoot.  I must say that she really gives justice to the dresses that she wore that night.  And the last photo shoot was amazing.  The photo tells that I am the Asia’s Next Top Model and I am the queen.  After years of being the runners-up now is the time for the Philippines to have the title.  And Maureen gives it to us all.  Congratulations to Maureen!

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