Shopping with the boys

At the province when I went on vacation with the nephews, we went to the mall there to shop some clothes for them.  It is my first time to shop with them.  I usually go shopping with the nieces.  This time I am with the boys ages, 5 and 6 years old.  It was fun because I let them pick the clothes that they want.  I let them pick to see if they know how and to see what they like.  I enjoyed watching them picking what they like especially when they are picking of the color of the clothes.  At their age they already know what they like.  The two boys does not have the same taste opposite to my two nieces.

I did not have hard time shopping because I let the boys pick what they likes.  We bought four tops and four shorts for them.  The color that they pick is also nice.  The 6 years old picked color yellow and red tops and blue shorts.  The five years old picked light blue tops and blue shorts.  I loved the colors that they picked.  If given the chance again, I would love to go shopping with these two little boys than with the girls.  I spend less time roaming around and picking what they like compared to girls.  Hands up to the little boys.  Good job!  Till next shopping, eh?

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Thanks for the shopping treat

Before our trip to the province, I went to the another city to visit my older brother also to get the money that my father asked.  I went with the nieces so they can visit their uncle too.  We arrived at lunch time.  We had lunch at their house and do  bit chit-chat with him and my soon to be sister-in-law.  Doing the chit-chat with her makes our relationship a bit closer.  We did have lots of talks and laughs as well.  She is indeed a very nice lady.  We do not intend to stay longer because I have some other stuffs to do at home before the travel.  But I was not able to come back early.

After lunch, the sister-in-law suggested to go to the nearest mall.  I did not answer right away because I do not wish to stay longer, but since it is sort of once in a life time chance because they live very far from us, I said yes in few minutes of thinking.LOL  I did not regret the sister-in-law’s invitation because she treated us.  She bought two jumpers for the nieces and two tops for me too.  I did have fun at the mall with her.  Thank you very much sister-in-law for the treat.  I really love the to tops you brought for me.  Till next time…LOL

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Free stuffs from my sister

My sister went to the supermarket last weekend for her monthly grocery.  Also, she will be meeting a friend who will be paying her for the owed money.  I am suppose to go with her but she decided to go online so she can go home early.  Because if I have to go with her, it means we will be bringing the kids with us.  It will be tiring and more time to consume because of the kids.  I am glad too that she decided to go alone for I suddenly felt lazy after get up from the bed.  Well, Saturday usually is lazy day for me.haha!  So, my three months pregnant sister go to supermarket alone.

After two hours, the sister is back from the supermarket with three heavy bags.  She bought our favorite snack pizza pie, and also bought junk foods to eat while watching cartoons with the kids.  The sister is busy unpacking the grocery items when she called me.  I am surprised because the sister bought something for me (personal stuffs).  Surely the sister is the sweetest.  I am so blessed to have a sister like her.  Well, she became my mom after our mother passed away.  Thank you sister for the free stuffs you gave.  Made me realized, it is best if I am going with her because I get a surprised stuffs.*wink God bless you always!

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Digging at old maternity clothes

My sister is two months pregnant.  Her baby bumps is showing at two months.  She can’t wear pants and t-shirts anymore.  She thought of buying new maternity dress but I told her to just used the old maternity clothes she has so she can save money for her due.  It has been three years since she wore those maternity clothes and we have to dig on those clothes in the boxes.  We do not know yet if it looks good and can be use in her workplace.  The style may not as modern compared today but surely it will still look good on her.

Next week is our schedule of digging the old maternity clothes because the sister is still busy with her paper works at school.  She has no time yet to go through the boxes and dig the old clothes.  Meanwhile, she is borrowing some of my leggings and tops every time she go out.  Good thing I am plus size because she can wear my clothes.haha!  Hopefully the old maternity clothes still in good condition and the color is not fade so we do not have to shop for new maternity clothes. If not then we will go shopping and it would surely so tiring knowing how picky my sister is.  Good luck to me!

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