Learning different hairstyles online

Fixing hair isn’t my type at all.  I am more interested into designing dresses and sewing when I was younger.  But I do like seeing different kinds of hairstyles especially wedding hairstyles.  Hats off to those hairstylist because they did a good job.  But my perspective has changed when the two nieces are growing and likes to attend different events at school and in our village.  My love from and addiction of fixing hair started from them.  They have long straight hair.  And seeing their hair makes so eager to learn different kinds of hairstyles.

I am so glad there are tutorials online on different kinds of hairstyles.  I enjoyed watching it and at the same time learning.  I have tried few hairstyles to my nieces, my models already and they like it.  Knowing that they like it, I will for sure will learn more online and will tried it to them.  Having their hair done beautifully in fun indeed.  I have save videos and photos of hairstyles in my tablet already.  I am so excited to try it to them.  So, when the girls have events at school, or attend a party, they do not have to go to the salon to have their hair done because I can do it for them and it is for free.  At the moment, I am learning different braided hairstyles.  Thanks to the online tutorials.

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Back to Zumba Exercise Soon

Weight issue is not new to me.  I have been in this situation for years and counting I guess.  I have tried dieting but can’t sustain it till the end because foods are tempting me.  I can’t resist those sumptuous foods in front of me.  They are like calling me to taste them.   Though I have all the choices it is all in my mind but my love for foods always wins.  I tried several exercises in the past like Zumba, but my laziness always wins after seeing small development.  I must say I do not have that enough motivation and determination which is not good.

Well, I am not getting any younger.  For health reason I have to do something and start now to lose weight a bit.  The sister and I having small conversation last two days ago.  She is also having problems with her bulging tummy.  It is the first time I am hearing the sister complaining of gaining weight.  Well she is petite and thin, that is why she is so worried of her bulging tummy.  She wants us to start doing some exercise and I suggested the Zumba exercise.  She likes my suggestion and hopefully we can start soon.  I have to set up my mind first to do this till I get the development that I want.  Good Luck to us!

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Wanted to do some experimentation

When I do not have much time to do at home, one of the things that I will do to checking my closet.  By then, I can think of what I am going to do.  I have thought of arranging my clothes and separate those clothes that I seldom wear or those that does not fit to me anymore.  Few days ago, I was looking of a t-shirt that I am going to wear to fetch the nephew at school.  While looking I saw the t-shirt that I no longer wear.  I thought of a way to dispose it or maybe renovate it.

It has been a while since the last time I did some experimentation of the old clothes I have.  I am a frustration fashion designer, so I cut the clothes and sewed it myself.  The outcome is not that bad, I can still wear it and I am happy seeing my new creation.haha!  It was years ago, and I want to do it again this time because I have some old clothes and t-shirts.  I am now thinking of the designs that I am going to make.  I am turning on the designer mode and I am ready to do some experimentation of my old clothes.  I do hope that I will still like the outcome.  Good luck to me!

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It is best to consult professionals first

What I like about my new found friends at the school where my nephew studied is that we have lots of things in common.  We like to discuss many things that is related about our daily life.  We like to tackle lots of issues in life and we are sharing our opinions, ideas and views of the certain topic.  I so liked it because it broaden my knowledge and I get information that is so helpful.  Sometimes we are serious, sometimes we are not.  We laugh a lot and enjoying each others company.  No dull moments with them so to speak.

Today our topic is about slimming capsule.  This is because one in our group wanted to lose weight.  She is so worried of her belly and arms.  To us she looks just fine, but in her eyes, she is so fat and wanted to lose it very badly.  Since I have tried taking slimming capsule in the past, I shared to her my experience to give her an  idea to make her diet program effective.  I told her that before using the slimming capsule, it is best to consult professionals/doctor/dietrician first  to make her goal/s effective.  I also told her to make sure the slimming capsule she wants to take is safe.

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