Excited to go and shop

I mentioned in my previous post about the certain department store in the city wherein only the members can go and shop.  I felt sad because not all are welcome to go and shop.  I have heard good things about this department store even if the prices are a bit high.  I am so intrigue that is why I am eager to go and pay the membership fee.  The membership fee is quiet high for me.  I told the brother about this and asked if he could give me the membership fee amount.  And since my older sister has credit card, she will be the one who will fill up the membership form.  I am glad that my brother agreed.

Last Friday, the sister went to the department store and she is now a member.  This is it!  I am so excited to go and shop.  I cannot wait till the next shopping schedule of my sister, maybe next month.  I should get my list ready for the next shopping schedule.  Of course the things on my list are not my personal use.  Before shopping I should consult my brother first and get his approval because he will be the one giving the money.

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12 months to pay

The main reason why the sister applied for credit card is her sons.  Her sons because sometimes she is running out of milk and she has no money.  Before she will borrow money from her co-teacher or to her friends who are in lending business.  Even if she does not want to borrow money because of the high interest, she has no choice.  The sister has been doing this for three years now before she decided to apply for credit card.  But before the decision, the sister have asked opinions and views from friends who has credit card.  She applied for credit card and was granted.

The sister is glad that the credit limit is a bit high.  She can bought other things aside from her sons milk and groceries.  We went to the Mall a week ago and asked if there is promo using the credit card.  We are happy that there is promo.  If the purchased is 5,000 pesos or more, we can pay it for 12 months with 0%.  Cool, right?  The sister bought pair of pants, blouses, shoes and bags she will wear for school on their Friday attire.  Also bought some things for her sons.  The first time we shopped that we do not mind of how much we will be spending.  We are not worried because we will pay it in 12 months.  wink*

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Shopping with my sister

Oh yeah!  I have been waiting for the moment where I and my sister go out, go on shopping and have our sisters bonding.  We have not done it yet since she got married five years ago.  I really missed out bonding moments a lot.  And I always reminisce those moments because those were precious to me.  We haven’t go out without kids anymore.  Every time we go out, we always brought her two sons.  It is fun but tiring because the kids are keep running here and there.  We can’t concentrate if we are buying something in the mall.

The long wait is over because the sister and I went to the mall yesterday.  Just the two of us.  We went shopping yesterday.  She bought new pants, t-shirts, shoes, bags and jacket for her two sons.  We are having fun selecting and fitting t-shirts and blouses.  The bonding yesterday is another memorable moments between us.  Indeed there is no dull with my dear sister, my partner in shopping and my best friend.  The bonding was more fun because the sister bought new bag for me too and we have the same bag again just like before.  The only difference is the color and the prints.  I love being with my sister because she spoils me a lot.  Thank you sister. Love you much!

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Thanks to the senior citizen privileges

My father is very sickly.  We went to his doctors to have him checked.  Yes you read it right, the father has two doctors, one is rheumatologist and one is urologist.  The doctors prescribed medicines.  The father has to take seven kinds of medicines in a day.  Five medicines as maintenance, one to take for a month and one to take for two months.  It is quiet a lot I must say.  We went to the pharmacy already.  Some medicines are affordable and some are a bit expensive.  Good thing the father is senior citizen.  He has Identification Card which we can use every time we purchase medicines and when we go to the doctor.

One of the privileges of the senior citizen is to get 20% discount in every purchase.  Praise the Lord for this because we can buy more medicines because of the discount.  Not only that, when we eat in the restaurants or fast foods, we also get 20% off.  It is really great.  I sometimes think of getting senior citizen card.  I am just kidding!Lol  Just yesterday, we went to the hospital for father’s laboratory test.  And we get big discounts because of this privilege.  This privilege is indeed a big help to the oldies/senior citizen especially when they have medicines maintenance already like my father.

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