Opted to use the leave-on conditioner

I have wavy hair. The truth that is too difficult to accept because I really want long straight hair like my older sister. That is why I am investing a bit for my hair. I went to the salon to have my hair done (fixing it to make it straight and shiny). My sister always told me to stop investing for my hair. All I have to do is to accept that I have wavy hair like my mother. I tried but I guess wavy hair is very difficult to manage. I felt like always I am having a bad hair day.

I know this is not a big problem to solve because there is lots of hair styling gel and cream I can apply to my hair to make it look good. I have tried the styling gel and the cream and I just do not like it. There are lots of products to apply on our hair, the only problem is that we do not know if it is works for our hair. I am glad someone told me that cream and gel will make my hair worse because of the chemical. When I go to the salon to have it fixed/done, it will take longer hours to do it because of the gel and the cream that I have applied damages my hair. I stopped using gel and cream on my hair and instead tried the leave-on conditioner. I will be using this for now, and then go back to the salon when I have extra and time to pamper my crowning glory.

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To ship the items bought

Although there are lots of items that we can buy at the nearest stores, department stores, malls and the likes,  still we wanted to buy items from the other country through online shopping.  This is because we wanted to buy a good quality of goods/products.  We do want a long lasting one because we do not want our money to go wasted if we buy goods/products that is low quality.  So if we are to buy goods/products/items from other country or far from our place, we have to choose the best cargo shipping company to make sure our purchase will delivered in our doorstep on time, safe and in good condition.  Shipping items from another country or place is not easy.  Shipment might encounter problems along the way, so choosing the best one is a must to ship the items bought.

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The nephew reminded me of the promise I made

Okay, this is the continuation of my previous post about being forgetful. The nephew and I are walking on the street on our way to the area where the jeepney (public vehicles) area. I am walking straight holding the nephew’s hand when he asked if I will go back to the store where I fitted leggings. I am shocked, really. I forgot that I promised to come back the following day to buy the leggings. I forgot to bring my wallet then when I went to the store. So I told the attendant that I will be back the following day.

It was my nephew who remembered while we are walking. My goodness, the senior moment strikes at me again. Anyways, we went back to the store where I fitted the leggings. The moment we entered at the store, the attendant smiled at me. I guess he remembers me. He took the leggings that I have fitted and give it to me and paid at the cashier. Thanks to my nephew who reminded me of the promise I made to the attendant. Well, the nephew is five years old, so his memory is very clear. I already washed the leggings and I am excited to wear it.

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One of those days

As I aged, I noticed that I am so forgetful nowadays. It is my father who told me that I am getting worse. I even forgot even the simple things. Well, maybe because I have lots of things that stored in my mind. I do not know what to do first to be honest. I am stress but I am trying not to show it and trying to control it for my own good. I sometimes forgot where did I put my phone, keys, wallet, and the worse is I forgot that I am cooking. I have burned foods many times already. I hate myself for being so forgetful. I guess I have to free from mind from thinking and worrying so many things.

Earlier, I went to the store to buy leggings after fetching the nephew from school. After picking and fitting, I brought the item to the cashier to pay. While the attendant is packing the item, I open my bag to get my wallet to pay. When I open my bag I was shocked because my wallet is not there. I left my wallet at home. I only brought my coin purse with me. It was an embarrassing day for me. The sign of aging is really showing. I just told the attendant sorry because I forgot to bring my wallet with me, I promised to come back tomorrow. I really hate my being so forgetful these days.

Did this scenario happen to you too?

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