Went window shopping and it makes me feel sad

Yesterday I felt really bored.  I want to go out, unwind and enjoy the day outside the house.  After watching my favorite noon time show every Sunday, I took a nap for two hours and went to the mall to go window shopping.  It is really nice to go out and thinking of nothing else but just to enjoy the me time day.  It was really fun doing window shopping however, I suddenly felt sad because there are lots of items that are on sale.  They offer huge discounts up to 50%.  I want to grab the offer but I do not have extra.  If only I have extra, so to speak.

I just enjoyed window shopping even if I felt sad.   I just comforted myself by saying wait till Christmas because there are huge of discounts, better than the offers/discounts in front of me right now.  Since I cannot grab the offers, I just listed in my mind the items that I like.  Hopefully, this items are still available till December.  If not, then it is not meant for me.LOL  Even if it makes me feel sad, I still love doing window shopping because it is fun.  Also, window shopping is one way of pampering myself.  More window shopping to come and more items will be added in my list of I want to have this Christmas.

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Guilty as charge

My deepest sorry to this baby of mine for not feeding you with new articles.  I have been busy with my offline world and no time to come online.  And when I do, I do not know what to write.  My mind is not working very well because I am fully occupied.  I have lots of things in my mind that I do not know when to start and how to start.  Also, my laziness is attacking me.  I do not have the urge to write anymore because of my slow signal.  Plus my internet connection was cut off for two days even if I already paid my bill.  My internet provider is mean to me.

I felt to guilty for not doing my job updating this baby/blog of mine.  I set my mind tonight to update my blogs.  I must admit it is very difficult because I do not have any idea in my mind.  Made me think that I should give up and stop blogging but thinking of giving up my first love, which is to write is difficult.  Since I do not have anything to share to this blog, this is the best article that I could share here.  I hope that I will be able to write more interesting topic to write so my readers would love to come back and read my updates.  Again, my deepest sorry.  I promise I won’t be lazy to update this blog.

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Things to buy this month

September 12 is the fiesta celebration in our village.  We have some feast at home, invited relatives, friends and neighbors.  We do it every year because we wanted to share the blessings we received from above.  We have two weeks to prepare of what foods we are going to cook, people to invites, budget the money we have, clean the house and checking the things we need to buy at home specifically in the kitchen.  Thinking about the things we need to do before the day of the fiesta makes me tired but worth the tiredness because I get to see people that is close to my heart.

Anyways, I have already checked that I need to buy before the fiesta and I must say it is quiet a lot.  I have it on my list now and it is ready to show it to my brother for verification.lol  Yes, I need to verify it to him since he will be the one who will give me the money.  I need to seek his approval first.  My list is subject to changed but it is okay because I put mark on the priority things.  Unfortunately, almost all them has marks.haha!  I hope that the brother will agree to the things in my list that I need to buy.  Good luck to my brother and to my shopping list.

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Night cream to moisturize my skin

I do not put anything on my face because of the bad experience I had before.  It was a friend of mine who persuaded to use the beauty products she is using.  I saw her face and I must say her face looks really nice that I why I decided to give it a try.  It was a wrong decision because my skin got irritated and more pimples are appearing.  I regret it a lot.  If only I could turn back the time, I would not do it.  Buying and using beauty products over the counter and through friends experience is not good.  It is best to consult dermatologist first to know our skin type and for us to know what product the good for our skin type.

After what happened to my skin (face), I decided to not put anything on face.  However, recently when I face the mirror I do not like what I am seeing.  My face looks really old and dry.  It is due to sleeping late almost every night.  I wanted to apply anything like moisturizer but hesitant because I do not want to ruin my face again.  I shared my problem to my sister and she told me to use the night cream she is using.  It is herbal night cream and is good for all skin types.  The sister gave to me her night cream for me to try it.  After using for a week, I like it and my skin is not itchy.  I bought one bottle and been using it for a month now.  So far so good.  I think I found the night cream that moisturized my skin (face).

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