Night cream to moisturize my skin

I do not put anything on my face because of the bad experience I had before.  It was a friend of mine who persuaded to use the beauty products she is using.  I saw her face and I must say her face looks really nice that I why I decided to give it a try.  It was a wrong decision because my skin got irritated and more pimples are appearing.  I regret it a lot.  If only I could turn back the time, I would not do it.  Buying and using beauty products over the counter and through friends experience is not good.  It is best to consult dermatologist first to know our skin type and for us to know what product the good for our skin type.

After what happened to my skin (face), I decided to not put anything on face.  However, recently when I face the mirror I do not like what I am seeing.  My face looks really old and dry.  It is due to sleeping late almost every night.  I wanted to apply anything like moisturizer but hesitant because I do not want to ruin my face again.  I shared my problem to my sister and she told me to use the night cream she is using.  It is herbal night cream and is good for all skin types.  The sister gave to me her night cream for me to try it.  After using for a week, I like it and my skin is not itchy.  I bought one bottle and been using it for a month now.  So far so good.  I think I found the night cream that moisturized my skin (face).

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Kadayawan Sale

The city will celebrate Kadayawan Festival this month.  This is the big celebration that the people of Davao City waiting for.  The festival is all about bountiful harvest and they offering/giving back the blessings they got from up above.  There are lots of activities in-stored for the people in the city.  The street dancing competition, floral float parade, shows of invited celebrities, and a lot more.  Also there are mall-wide sale, which I really like because I get to buy things/items at a lesser price because of the discount.  I love to buy things that are on sale, and other people/shoppers too.

I went to the mall the other day and I saw items on sale.  Just like the previous Kadayawan Festival, the malls are offering great deals and discounts for all items.  I’ll expect a crowded malls on this day because money will come out when there is sale.LOL  I am not thinking of buying anything because I am on tight budget, but I will go to the mall to do window shopping.  If I saw something nice and I like it, maybe my plan will changed.  I should bring my sister with me because she has credit card just in case we buy more items.

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Love my new sling bag

 photo 867ffe19-9c15-4211-b7d5-7c977e3e2d17_zpsc5yddiwr.jpg

One of my weakness is sling bag.  I really love this kind of bags.  To me it is more comfortable to wear.  I have six sling bags and gave the two to my cousins.  I do not have that much of sling bag because I am not collecting it.  I am just liking this kind of bag and when I saw one that I really like, I definitely buy it no matter what.  I am being an impulse buyer when it comes to sling bags which my sister does not like because if I do not have money I borrow from her.  Even if she will tell me I will not really need it, still I buy it.

Anyways, the last time we went to mall I saw sling bags on sale.  I asked her to stop for awhile because I saw one sling bag that catches my attention.  I do not have plans to buy at first but when I saw that it is on sale, I told the sister that we should buy.  As usual she said no, I persuade her and showed to her the pretty sling bag I saw.  I am glad that she likes it also.  That day we bought two sling bags.  Mine is the one I share above and my sister’s is color brown.  I love my new sling bag.

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Excited to go and shop

I mentioned in my previous post about the certain department store in the city wherein only the members can go and shop.  I felt sad because not all are welcome to go and shop.  I have heard good things about this department store even if the prices are a bit high.  I am so intrigue that is why I am eager to go and pay the membership fee.  The membership fee is quiet high for me.  I told the brother about this and asked if he could give me the membership fee amount.  And since my older sister has credit card, she will be the one who will fill up the membership form.  I am glad that my brother agreed.

Last Friday, the sister went to the department store and she is now a member.  This is it!  I am so excited to go and shop.  I cannot wait till the next shopping schedule of my sister, maybe next month.  I should get my list ready for the next shopping schedule.  Of course the things on my list are not my personal use.  Before shopping I should consult my brother first and get his approval because he will be the one giving the money.

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