Surrendering the credit card

My sister does have three (3) credit cards.  How did it happen?? She does not know.  It was just delivered on here doorstep. Well, she applied two credits cards and it’s approved.  The third card just arrived.  She went to the bank and said it was a mistake.  Having three cards comes with big responsibilities that is why the sister surrendered the third cards since she did not applied for it.  But the agent told her to avail it for it has no annual free because first year is for free.  If she likes it after a year of using it, then that’s the time to pay for the annual fee.

The sister grabbed the one year free of charge.  After a year of using it, he decided to surrender the credit card even though she likes it because three credits cards will tempt her to shop more and might end up in huge debt.  She doesn’t want to be like others who are in huge debt because of credit card.  The sister did the right thing.  She thinks of what would happen if she has three credit cards.  Having multiple credits cards is not bad at all as long as you know your limitations, responsibilities and aware of the disadvantages.  Credit card can save you if you have an emergency and you do not have money, but do not spend beyond your means.  Do not use it if it is not necessary.  Saving it for the rainy days.

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Picking dress for my sister-in-law

Last Sunday I am visiting my older bother in the city where he works and stay.  It was an hour and half travel from the city where I live.  The visit was not plan because I am afraid to travel for now because of the bomb threat but I have to go because I have something to give to him.  Also, have to get the corn grains that my father is asking.  I traveled with my two nieces because I do not want to travel alone.  It was 4 0’clock in the afternoon when we arrived.  My brother did not expecting us.  Since we arrived very late, I told the brother that we will stay and will have dinner at their house.

My sister-in-law brought us at the mall because she is planing to buy dress for she will be attending a baptismal.  She asked my help to pick a dress for her.  I smiled because I like that she asked me to pick a dress for her.  I am not worried because I used to pick dress for my older sister and nieces.  It was not a hard time for me because the SIL is not so picky not like my older sister. LOL  In less than 30 minutes buying dress for her s done.  No sweat I must say.  I like that she likes the dress that we picked for her.  She is now ready for the baptismal event.  Also, she bought dress for the nieces.  Thanks for the treat and the dinner.

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The night market is back to business

Last Friday the city’s night market is in chaos because of he bomb that exploded, killed 14 people and injured 70 people.  It was a nightmare to all the people who were there enjoying the night and having fun at the night market.  The following day the city is so quite.  The people got scared and opted to stay at home than enjoying the weekend with the family because of series of bomb threat in the city.  It made the people got scared of what happened. I am sad also because I so wanted to go to the night market but did not able to because I do not have someone to go with me.

Fortunately, the night market is back to business now.  The show must go on, as they say.  The vendors has to continue their business for their family.  Hopefully the city will be in peace especially at the night market so the people will continue make a living.  For now, I do not have the urge to go to the night market because I am scared also.  My father told me to avoid crowded places for now that bomb threat are everywhere.  Hope that this threat will stop so the people will live in peace and for the people to not be scared.  Also for me to try the night market.

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Excited to buy things for the baby

In two months my sister will give birth to her third child.  And it is a girl.  We are so excited to see the little princess in the family.  I missed carrying a baby in my arms and missed having baby at home.  Well, I just so love kids very much.  I was there during the gender ultrasound and I am so happy when the doctor told us that it is a baby girl.  It is an answered prayers because the sister has been praying to have a baby girl.  Their family is now complete, with boys and girl in the family.  I am so happy and excited for my sister.

Next month the sister will start buying stuffs for her little girl.  I am so excited because I have been longing to buy little dresses for baby girl.  Dressing up a little girl is like dressing up a doll.  The sister is already listed the stuffs she is going to buy and as always I will be going with her.  Yay, I am so excited.  More pink stuffs is coming up.  Hopefully the sister will finished listing the stuffs for her baby girl so we can start buying soon.  I am to the mall the other day and went to infant section, lots of beautiful stuffs there and it is on sale.  Perfect to shop when items are on sale.

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