This will be the last time

“Promises are made to be broken”, and I am one of those person who broke the promises that I made.  But not to other though, I always broke the promises I made to myself.  I made a promise not to be an impulsive buyer, however, every time I saw a goodwill store, I can’t help myself to just passed by.  I always go inside and see what I will find.  Two weeks ago, I bought five dresses at the goodwill store and promised that it will be the last time.  But yesterday, I bought again dresses at the goodwill store with my older sister.  I am just accompanying the sister and help her picking clothes at the goodwill store but I end up buying three dresses.  My bad.  I broke my promise again! sigh*

I do not have regrets though because I really like what I bought.  Again, I made a promise and this time it is for real.  For real because I got really scared of what I saw on the news about lots of smuggled clothes confiscated from HK.  I also read about this news online and it is really scary.  I guess I have to stop buying clothes from goodwill store to avoid getting diseases because we do not know where these clothes came from and who wore it.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  It is sad because goodwill store hits in the country because lots of clothes are of good quality at a lesser price.  But health is important so this will be the last time I am buying clothes at the goodwill store.

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The Kadayawan Festival Activities

It is Kadayawan Festival once again here in our city.  The event where the people of Davao City (Philippines) is all been waiting for.  This is one of the big event that the city of Davao is celebrating.  There are lots of activities awaits for the people of Davao and all the tourist who came to witness the Kadayawan Festival celebration.  Activities like street dancing, floral float parade, concerts at the park, local and national celebrities are coming over to entertain the people of Davao, big discounts at the malls, and many others makes the people so excited of the festival.

Among those that I mentioned, I am more interested in the mall wide sale.haha!  The malls will be crowded by shoppers for sure because of the big discounts.  Who would not like to buy the items/products that they want at a lesser price?  I went to the mall the other day and I must say that the malls are so ready for the mall wide sale.  It is time to shop shoppers but we should not forget to think of our priorities.  When it is not that needed, we can pass like what I am going to do this time.  I will wait for Christmas where sales are everywhere.  I will just enjoy window shopping and watching the activities that is prepared for the people to enjoy and have fun.

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Bought dresses at goodwill store

Oh yeah, my addiction of shopping at goodwill store strikes again.  Even though I told myself not to buy anymore because I have enough clothes in my closet but I cannot help myself to drop by every time I saw a goodwill store.  I am on my way on fetching the nephew at the school when I decided to drop by at the goodwill store since I arrived early.  Instead of waiting outside the classroom of my nephew, I went to the goodwill store.  The dresses on display is really nice and I so like it.  I am an impulsive buyer and trying my best to control it.

However, my addiction on buying clothes/dresses at the goodwill store wins.  I end up buying five dresses at goodwill store.  I hate myself because it really ruins my budget, but seeing the dresses I bought made me smile.  I actually bought four dresses and the owner gave me one as a bonus.  How is that?  This is the reason I really like buying at goodwill store.  Aside from prices are very affordable, you can get discount bu haggling or even get a bonus item just like what I have.  Indeed, goodwill store is a place for me.

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Looking for a new mattress

My father is 70 years old.  He is suffering from back pain and he is having some hard time sleeping especially at night because he is not comfortable with the mattress he is using right now.  It has been like five years since the time we bought the mattress he is currently using.  The mattress still looks good but the father is complaining for he is not comfortable with it.  He needs to have a new mattress that is very much comfortable to sleep in and is friendly to his back pain.  I can feel the pain the father is going through right now because I have tried sleeping in a not so comfortable mattress before and I can tell that it is a torture.

My father is complaining almost everyday when he wakes up in the morning and from having afternoon nap.  Hopefully we will be able to go to the mall to look for a better mattress for him.  I will find time since no one will accompany him.  My time is fully occupied as of the moment.  When I find time I will try to look for a nice mattress for my father.  The kind of mattress that I am using right now in my bed.  Just be patient father you will for sure have new mattress this year.  No more back pain for you and you will have comfortable sleep at night.  You will have sweet dreams every night.

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