Membership will expire this month

It has been a year since my sister applying for a membership in one of the supermarket here in the city.  The supermarket that I am so eager to go because of the feedback that I have heard from friends and people I know.  If anybody can go and shop, I definitely go but unfortunately only those members can enter and shop at this so called supermarket.  This is the very reason I asked my older brother and sister to apply for membership.  I am the happiest when the brother agree and give me the amount needed for the membership.  Unfortunately, the membership will expire soon and still I have not been to this so called supermarket.  I am sad and told the sister to bring me their before the expiration date.

The sister said yes, and we will be going to this supermarket this Friday if the weather is good.  So, please rain go away and come back another day.haha!  I am so ready to explore this mysterious supermarket.  I have already listed the things that I will look in the said supermarket, and when the price is right I will surely buy.  The sister also has her list.  We are doing this because the sister decided not to renew the membership since she seldom went to this supermarket to shop.  I heard that the goods, products, grocery items, and other displays are different from other supermarkets we have here in the city.  These things makes me so excited and eager to go inside the supermarket.  S&R Supermarket, here I am.woohoo!

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Need to buy new umbrella

Every time I go out, one of the things that I should bring is the umbrella.  Umbrella to keep my skin safe from the heat of the sun and protect me when it rains.  The weather in the country is unpredictable.  It is sunny but suddenly the weather changes in the afternoon. Especially now that it is rainy season here.  It is a must to bring umbrella.  The bad news is that my umbrella is full of rust. I have my umbrella for three years now and I am a bit sad that I need to let go of my umbrella.  And that makes me sad.

I need to buy new umbrella I must say and I do not have extra.sigh!  For the mean time I am using the old umbrella even if the look is not good.  You can see the rust all over.LOL  It doesn’t matter to me as long as I am well protected.  I went to the mall where I bought my old umbrella and sadly the same stock of my umbrella is no longer available.  The one that is available is a bit expensive.  The sister told me that it is not sensible.  I guess I have to settle with my tarnish umbrella until I find the one that I am looking for.

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Will buy belt next time

Two days ago, I bought a dress at goodwill store.  I seen this particular dress at the mall/department store.  I am tempted to buy one but with the help of my sister I am able to control my attitude of an impulsive buyer.  When I saw the same dress at goodwill store, I bought it right away even if the belt of the dress is missing.  I do not mind at all, as long as I got it at a very cheap amount.  I can buy lace or belt at the mall.  What is important is I got the dress that I like with big discount.  Indeed buying at goodwill store is more sensible to me.LOL!

I plan to buy belt or lace at the mall this weekend.  I have talked to my sister already and the timing is perfect because the sister is going to the mall to buy some things for her son at school.  However, because of the bad weather since Friday we did not  able to go to the mall.  The plan was cancelled because of the rain.  Guess, I have to wait till I bought a belt so I can wear the dress.  Argsh!  I have to extend my patience.  Hopefully weather is fine this week so I can go to mall to buy belt.  When I want to, I will share it here the dress I bought at the goodwill store.

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Thinking of buying books

Yesterday, I was waiting for my sister to arrive to accompany her in buying school requirements of her son I went to the books section.  Some of the books are on sale and the prices are really low.  I thought they are on inventory sale because some of the books, magazines and reading materials are really old.  I enjoyed looking at the books especially the novel type and reading the summary.  It made me realized that I so miss reading.  Reading novel books is one of the things that I like to do when I was in my high school and college days.  It was my hobbies during my leisure time.

I did not notice that my sister arrived really late.  I picked three books that I like and the story is very interesting.  I was about to buy it but decided not to because I am out of budget.  Even though I like to read books, it is not in my priority list just yet.  I have to wait till I have extra so I can buy new books to read because I really missed reading books.  Hopefully when I have the money, the books are still available and still on sale.  It was a good opportunity to buy for it is on sale but the timing for me is really bad.  I am a bit sad but have to accept it.  Better luck next time I guess.

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