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It has been awhile since the last time I read newspapers.  I am into computer and internet most of the time since I am doing online stuffs.  I have missed reading newpapers especially the local once which I can be aware of what is happening in my place and country.  While I was at the clinic waiting for my sister to come out, I saw a newspapers.  To keep me away from boredom of waiting, I get the latest one and read.  It is a good feeling to read and be aware of what is happening around me.  Though most of the news are not that good and it is part of life, still there is good news that we can help and participate.
I read something about blood donation for a cause.  Indeed it is a good feeling to help and I never done this before as I am afraid of needles.   I do not have any phobia about needle, just that I do not like to see needle to be injected in me.  But thinking about it for now, for a change I want to try it for once.  I have seen my cousins and friends doing it.  I am amazed because they are brave and have a good heart to do it for free.  I want to do something and to make something that will help others who are in need.  I might try this one I have read in the newspapers.  I will be brave enough and tell needle that I am not afraid anymore.  Wish me luck!

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  1. >hi genny, well i tried this last year i did it for free .. I was a little unconscious after because i easily get up for a few minutes. Dapat pla you need to lay down muna until your feeling is ok na. Kaso matigas ulo ko ilan minutes lang tayo agad ako .. But i was happy kasi i'm sure yon blood ko eh my natulungan.. I know kya mo rin yon =)

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