Filipino’s Pride..


In every occasion that Filipino people are celebrating this famous ‘lechon’ is number on the list.  This is the center of attraction on the table.  Tempting food that Filipino people loved to eat.  ‘Lechon’  is one of the Filipino’s pride because yummy ‘lechon’ is found in some provinces here in the Philippines.  If you happen to visit Philippines, never leave without tasting this yummy ‘lechon’ for you to know why Filipino people always have this food in every occasion.  If you are on a diet, this food will ruined your diet because when you see this it makes your mouth waters.  The color itself is very attractive, how much more what is inside.

The picture above is the famous ‘lechon’ that we have served to all the visitors as we are celebrating the baptismal day of my nephew. It is the center of the attraction on the table.  Looking at it makes me feel very hungry.  Baptismal is one of the big occasion that we Filipino people do have a big feast.  It is the day where we are welcoming our nephew to the Christian world.  A bit expensive but worth to spend in this kind of occasion.  The Filipino’s pride that we will always be proud of because of the uniqueness of the way how it cooked.Aren’t you hungry yet?  Try this one for you to know why Filipino people always wants it to be on the table.

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    >Hola:Interesante blog. ¡felicitaciones!Saludos desde Santa Marta, Colombia. Lo invito a visitar el mío:

  2. anne says:

    >girl 1,300 to dala na cellophane hehehe

  3. >wow, sarap lechon pahinge 🙂 btw, thanks for adding my link here hope you could add my new blog too genny and please give me all your blogs i will add all your link in my new blog thanks.

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