Crab Mentallity…

One of our main goals in life is to become a successful one in the future.  We want to achieve something for us to have a better life.  It is a dream come true if we are able to achieve what we are dreaming of.  We work hard, do some sacrifices and even give up something that we want for the sake of our goals to achieve.   To see our family in good condition is like a peace of heaven.  With all the hardships and struggles we encounter we usually do not mind it because we think of our family.  Our family is the reason we work hard and continue battling the trials along the way. 

After we have achieved what we are dreaming of and reaping what we sow, some people do not like it.  They are not happy with the success that we have.  I find it hard to understand why some people find it hard to be happy for us.  They do have this crab mentality that will try to pull us down from the success we are experiencing.  So sad to know that they cannot be happy for us.  If we do try to ask them why they are like that.  They do not have exact answer to it.  Envious and these jealousies are the roots of it.  I just hope that this crab mentality that some people have will be omitted for us to be happy.  It is a good feeling to see someone happy after all the hard working.  And to be happy for them are a wonderful feeling.  They are like an inspiration to follow.


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