God’s Will or Human Will?

I have heard and observed that every time we saw someone died we said it is God’s will.  Does God’s will to kill His creations?  I think it is so unfair to say that because God only give what is best for us.  He has given us all the things that we needed, giving us the freedom to do what we want to do and give us freedom to choose what is best for us provided that we do it for Him and for our goodness.  God is the ultimate love, why we always think it is His will?
With all the accidents and difficulties in life, God is always there and will never leave us.  If we look at this in a positive way, it is never His will to see His creations in pain and being hurt.  He just wants us to use what He has given to us.  The brain that will think for us to come up with a better decision, the eyes to see what is happening and the ears that will hear what is His message for us.  We just have to listen to God’s whisper to us.  He has given us the freedom we needed; it is up to us on how we are going to apply it in our life.  Sudden death is never His will because our life is His gift.  He wants us to take extra careful and take good care of the gift He has given to us.
If you were to ask, is it His will or human will?


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2 Responses to “God’s Will or Human Will?”

  1. darly says:

    >I guess everything happens for a reason, it may have not been willed by God, but sometimes he allows things like this to happen as a result of our own doings too. No one can ever fathom the mind of God, we just have to trust Him with all our hearts.Thanks for the hop, see you again next time Stay cool fellow fab mommy I Love DarlyFood and Passion

  2. Pinx says:

    >Hi gen. I still believe that even sudden death is God's will. He has already planned everything. He is the all knowing God and that is one character of God that we can never fathom. i think only euthanasia is human's will. visiting you back. Pink MemoirsHands Full of LifeThese and Those

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