What is the Difference?

In our society today, we have seen so many single mother.  Single mother works so hard for the welfare of their kids.  Though they do not like to be one but due to some circumstances they are now single mother.  I have seen single mothers who are working so hard.  They do not mind if they are so tired and in pain.   I can say that they can do anything and everything just to give their kids a decent and better life.  Mother always wants what is best for their kids.  To rest is not in their vocabulary sometimes.
Mostly guys leave their girlfriends because they are afraid of responsibilities when they get them pregnant.  But what I have seen in the news here is the girl who leaves the guy and her baby.  So sad because the mother who supposed to take care of the baby is gone and not sure if she will comes back.   The magic touch of the mother is missing, poor child.  The father is working hard, doing his best for his baby and not resting as well.  I must say he is the kind of man that a girl would want to have.  Responsible and committed but did not able to share to the girl he choose to love.  Well, her lost not his.
For me, both are the same if you are raising a child alone.  What do you think?  Is there any difference?


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  1. Anne says:

    >No difference kay kapoy jud mag alaga ug baby labi na if mata ka kaadlawon wahhh. hehehe

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