Nuclear Plant

As I remember some government officials here in my country thinks of using nuclear plant to produce electricity.  The source of electricity here in my country is from the famous Maria Cristina Falls.  We have experienced water shortage that is why they have been thinking of putting up nuclear plant.  It has been a debate in the senate that is why it is not yet approved till now.  Because it will cost too much to put up nuclear plant and the country cannot afford it unless they loan money again from other country. 

It is indeed a blessing in disguise that some government officials do not agree on using nuclear plant because of what is happening in Japan right now.  I am updating myself in the news everyday since the day when Japan was hit by earthquake and tsunami.  Japan is using nuclear plant as the source of their electricity.  And because of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that shakes Japan Friday of last week, their nuclear plant is exploding.  Japan is now facing another trials to overcome.  I felt to sad for them but life must go on and that is what I have seen to those Japanese people.    Hoping and praying that soon they will overcome.  God will always be here for us.  Just keep the faith in Him.  That is what I have seen to those Japanese people.


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