Insensitive Individual

Who do not want peace and quiet for once?  I guess all of us need it in this noisy world.  For the past years kids at home surround me.  I baby-sit my brother’s kids.  Since then I find it hard to have a peace and quiet even for one day.  Being with kids are messy and noisy.  Though they make me laugh all the time, still sometimes I feel the need to be all alone and get some rest.

This afternoon around 1:00 o’clock, I am so happy that the kids are all taking their afternoon nap.  I feel the peace and quiet environment.  I was about to take my afternoon nap when I heard the noisy motorcycle of our neighbor. argh!  While I am bringing the kids to take a nap, our neighbor is fixing his motorcycle.  He is tuning it up that creates a very noisy sound.  Because of the sound of his motorcycle, my three months old nephew wakes up.grrrr How insensitive he is.  Around that time here in our place people and kids are having their afternoon nap.  I do not get it why there are individuals who are insensitive of the feelings of others.  If he has some respect, he should wait till the clock hits 4:00 O’clock in the afternoon.  The time where everybody is awake.  Because of his insensitivity I did not able to take my afternoon nap.:-(

Are this kind of person insensitive? Or just do not have some respect at all?

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