I remember it was taught in school that it is not good to burn plastic container, cellophane and rubber because it will create air pollution because of the dark colored smoke.  And also, it is taught in school about making compose pit where to put dried leaves instead of burning it.  I do not know if they do understand and remember what was taught is school because people are keep doing it.  They are not helping the environment instead they are one of the cause of air pollution and distraction of ozone layer.  Lazy people who do not want to do recycling, segregating garbage and lazy to dig the soil to make compose pit.

I am saying this because our neighbor here is burning plastics, rubber, cellophane and leaves at the same time for two days now.  The smoke enters the house that I find it hard to breath and makes my eyes teary.  The Barangay Captain was having seminars about combustion here in our village.  All homeowners are requesting to do proper throwing of garbage, segregating it and recycling.  All are requested to come and this neighbor of mine was there.  Seems like she doesn’t understand what was the seminar is all about.  The smell of the burning plastic and rubber is not good to our lungs.  She is not giving air pollution but also putting our health in danger. I so wish she would realize that before its too late because she has her kids also who inhaled the smoke.  And I hope the barangay Captain will see her doing it for her to pay the consequences.

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