Bus Stop!

We were visiting the house of our relatives today.  Their place is a bit far that we have to take a bus to get there.  It took us more than an hour because of traffic.  My two nieces seems bored always asked me what time we will arrive.  I said, we would arrive when the bus stops in the terminal.  I feel relieve because they stopped asking and just appreciating what they saw in the window while riding the bus.  Minutes have passed they asked again, when will the bus stop?lol  I smiled at them because I can feel they a bored riding.  They are not used to riding bus that is why they keep on asking when will the bus stop. sigh!

When someone knocks the roof of the bus to signal to stop, my nieces clap their hands and said the bus stopped and yelled we are here.lol Too funny because we are not in our destination yet.  I realized that my nieces are so smart and will not forget what we are telling them.  It is good to tell the truth rather than to tell them lies just to stop them from bugging us.  My two nieces are too smart to remember what I said to them. whew!  Long explanations have made to make them understand what I said.  They listened and I hope they understand what I am saying about the bus stop issue.lol

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  1. Hyanne says:

    Haha, ang cocoolit. Kapag sa nanay ko yan kinurot na ako, lol. I sent you an email 🙂

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