So called “Reserved Girlfriend”

As I have observed from my guy friends when we are together and having some chitchat, they never failed to share to us their girlfriends.  Yes, you heard it right. They have more than one girlfriend.  No matter how much I understand them, I just can’t find a way to understand them because I am a girl and I know the feeling of being cheated.argh!  And the most irritating part is that the term they are using to their girlfriends. They call their other girlfriend a reserved girlfriend.

It is so painful on the girl’s part because some guys treat them just like spare parts.  They only used it when the other is not available for them.  I end up arguing my friends over this because of what they are doing.  But what can I do?  I do not have the right.  I do tell them on the girl’s part but seems like it falls on a deaf ears.   It is not good to play somebody’s feelings and emotions but some guys do that because they think it adds to their ‘macho’ image.  And they are proud to be known as that.  The simple earthly happiness that is temporary.

I just wish that these guys would get a dose of their own medicine.  Girls are human, have feelings and emotions that can be hurt.  We, girls are made by God not for the reserved purposes.

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