Funny Coincidence

It’s Sunday here and I am supposed to be resting.  I do not need to watch the kids because their parents are around.  After church and breakfast I turn on the computer to start my online stuffs and to continue doing some editing on my blog template header.  I am addicted to it for a week now.  Keep changing from one theme to  Because there are many themes to choose from, I find it hard to get what I really wanted.

While I am editing my blog header, my friend also is editing her blog header.  We are exchanging ideas and telling each other if we did well in editing.  It is too hard because we do not have knowledge in graphic designing.  It took us hours before we finally done.  She send her link for me to check and mine too for her to check.  To my surprise, we end up having the same template and Too funny isn’t it?  At first I was shocked and told myself what happened to my header and its different. It is not the way I wanted it.  I look at the link and I laughed aloud because it was my friends blog that I was looking.

It is so funny coincidence.  Made me realized we really are friends because we do have the same taste.wink! Indeed, birds of the same feather flocks together.  I give way though; I go back to my old template.  It was a funny experienced for me today.  And I was not able to get some

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