Wanted Gecko


It has been in the news lately that gecko can heal AIDS and Cancer patients.  This endangered species are wanted here in the city where I live because there are people who buy for a big amount.  People are going crazy here looking and catching gecko to sale.  It is prohibited because selling gecko is illegal that is why they do it secretly.

Some professionals are looking for ways on how to treat AIDS and Cancer patients for a long time.  Now that there is a possible way to cure these illnesses, it is impossible to do because gecko is endangered species.  If this is true and really can treat patients, how can they use this species if it is illegal?  This is a sort of good news and bad new at the same time.    I just wish that this would really good news so that many AIDS and cancer patients are treated.  Since this is an endangered species, it is better to find a way first on how to multiply the race of gecko.

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  1. Chie Wilks says:

    raelly sis..? na we have lots of geckos here at our little back area.i hate geckos though. they scare me..just the sight of them.. their look parang little crocs. it’s good to know they can heal two of the deadly diseases pero u r right, endangered species man cla

    • Genny says:

      so sad jud sis, naa na unta cure dili pa jud pwede. i have known someone na nagbaligya korean ang nagpalit. min. of 4 grams ang dawaton, below ana dili paliton. panakop dira sis.ehehhe

  2. Sheen says:

    Ya, really it is illegal but on what part on the RP law we can find stating that selling gecko is illegal?

    I am looking for it..

  3. boyzmind says:

    catch a male and female gecko then farmed 🙂
    In some country it’s legal, so get the extract from those country and sell 🙂
    In my home, there are 3 or 4 gecko, but I don’t like to catch them, I like their voice. It’s also eat some insect, like cockroach. So it’s very helpful animal 🙂

  4. Paige says:

    Wonderful article very helpful comments. I will certainly get back once again to your blog in a bit to study some of the other entries. Thanks!

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