Twice A Day

Summer season hits my country Philippines at this very moment.  The weather is different from previous summer season I have ever experienced because the weather is so hot.  The wind that the electric fan brings cannot handle the heat.  I am sweating all over even if I just came out from the shower.  The climate nowadays really changed.  We do not have air conditioned to ease the heat that is why I have to take a bath twice a day.

Too much exposure to sunlight can cause heat stroke that is why people are advice to bring umbrella for sun protection and to take a bath twice a day to maintain the fresh feeling.  I cannot bear to go outside because my head starts to ache.  Even my nephew felt it because he does not like to wear top.  If I put top on him, he will cry and asked me to take it off.

I wonder what will happen to this little one and children around the world in the near future when we already feel the climate change getting worse.  Is there a better place to live for them in the future?  Will they still manage to smile upon experiencing how bad the climate is?

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