Great Patience

I have seen before my aunt (wife of my uncle) taking care of my grandmother.  She was bedridden then and helpless.  I am amazed on how she takes good care of her mother-in-law.  With all the patience, love and respect she was able to overcome those gross smell and waste.  My aunt did it until the last breath of my grandmother.  I must say she is a loving daughter-in-law to do that to my grandmother.  I never imagine myself doing it because I cannot stand the gross smell.  I can serve oldies but just cannot handle when it comes to the gross things.

It is like a dream to me but no matter what angle I look at it, it is really happening.  Yes, I am doing the same thing my aunt does to my grandmother before.  The only difference is that I am doing it to my helpless father.  His arthritis brings him to this helpless condition.  He cannot move, cannot stand up and cannot walk because his joints are swelling especially his knees.  He is so helpless indeed.  The thought before that I cannot do it, I did it today.  It is very hard and so gross but so far I am able to manage it.  No choice I must say because my brothers are working and they cannot attend to my father.  It takes lots of patience to do it because the gross smell and waste makes me want to vomit.  The great patience I must say because doing it is never easy.

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  1. anne says:

    and you did a great job gen.

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