Hopefully a Day of Rest

Tomorrow is Holy Thursday, no work because it is a non-working holiday for my brothers.  They will be here tomorrow and hopefully I will have a day of rest because I really needed it.  I feel like my body will collapse because of helping my father to put him in sitting position and transferring him from bed to his chair.  My father is too heavy that cause my back pain and I feel my waist is cracking.  Even if I am tired I do not have any choice because no one is there to assist him.  I always told my sister that I needed a massage and rest to regain the energy that I have lost.

Life is too heavy for me the past days, and I am in dire need to lie down for hours and close my eyes.  I did not have a good night sleep for a week now because my father always wakes me up.  With these three days holiday from work, my brothers will be at home too.  I am talking to them that I will take a rest tomorrow because I need it very badly.  I am glad they said yes.   Looking forward to have a day or days of rest for me and bring back the energy that I have lost.  Thank you Lord for this.

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