Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Yesterday was the beatification of Pope John Paul II.  One of the biggest events to all catholic believers.  There was a live telecast from Vatican City, where the beatification being held and was presided my Pope Benedict.  And since their dialect is different.   I am glad that there are translations below the screen for all people to understand the message.  It was very solemn and touchy.  The life and miracle that Pope John Paul II ever did was very inspiring and that makes his life story special to all catholic believers.

I am surprised to hear that he did a great miracle that made his beatification.  It is not easy to be beatified because there are many stages they have made to make sure the person is worth to be beatified.  Hearing his story makes me realized that healing someone who is very sick do exist.  And that was Pope John Paul II story of beatification.  As we all know he was the one who founded the world youth day and that is a big miracle because he made the young ones gather together from different side of the world.  After six years and investigation and screening the people behind the screening decided to beatify him because he did something good while he was still alive.

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3 Responses to “Beatification of Pope John Paul II”

  1. Mona says:

    i admired blessed Pople John II because he reunited people especially the youth, visiting here “) musta

  2. Chie Wilks says:

    wala ko kakita sa footage ani. lucky are those who met this blessed pope in person

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