The Art of Sharing

Through the kind heart of my neighbor they put their television outside of their house for us to see the fight of Manny Pacquaio and Shane Mosley live via satellite.  They have cable connection that is why they are able to see the boxing fight live.  Today is the scheduled fight that and many Filipino people wanted to see the fight live, they shared to us their television for us to see the fight also.


People are seriously watching the boxing fight of Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

The photo above are my neighbors rejoicing after Manny Pacquaio knocked down Shane Mosley on the 3rd round of boxing. 

I am one of these people who are watching the fight.  Big event to all Filipino people.  I intended to bring camera to capture some photo that I could share here to show how the Filipino people loved and supported the boxing fight of Pacman.

A big thank you to my neighbor who has kind heart to let us see the fight live.  More blessings for you. 🙂

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7 Responses to “The Art of Sharing”

  1. Mona says:

    He did it again 🙂 Dito naman sa amin nagpuntahan 🙂

  2. anne says:

    wala ni bayad girl?

  3. Hyanne says:

    Mukhang enjoy nga ang lahat, wala bang libreng pameryenda sis? Hehe

  4. kim says:

    it is more enjoyable to watch such a game with other people

    a visit from The Story Teller!

  5. chiewilks says:

    wow…kanice sa neighbor. hahaha gatutok jud ang tanan sa TV atong adlawa ba..hasta ako.

  6. shengkay says:

    GOD bless your neighbor sis..
    minsan na lang tayo nakakita nyan..

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