Ruby Tuesday #5: Our Treasures


These are the three angels in our family.  The source of happiness because their presents makes the family happy and laugh.  Even though they fight and very messy sometimes.  This picture was taken at the church when my two nieces are one of the angels during the launching of the Flores de Mayo here in our village.  Aren’t they lovely?  I sometimes call them the house little gremlins.


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8 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday #5: Our Treasures”

  1. Mirage says:

    Kids’ presence makes a house a home…:) Happy RT!

  2. kat says:

    Cute kids. I love their smiles. Happy RT.

  3. chubskulit says:

    Treasure indeed!

    If you have time, kindly peek at my Ruby Tuesday post at my Nostalgic Marveling blog.

  4. Sandra says:

    What little sweeties. Bless them.

  5. anne says:

    My daughter always want to be an angel, the question is how? Wahhh she can’t even get to stay home since she is too busy of her training sigh.

  6. rj's mama says:

    cutie angels you have sis 🙂

  7. chiewilks says:

    cuties! i agree, although kids messes the house at least they bring joy to a home. i miss flores de mayo

  8. shengkay says:

    siempre ang mga fave ni Aunite na model sa iyahang mga blogs..
    tagal ko ng hindi ata nakakajoin ng RT..
    adikadik mode lang sis..

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