Our Imitator

My nephew who is turning two in a few months is discovering many things.  He knows how to open the door, fridge, and faucet and even call my attention if he is hungry.  He will say, ‘nam nam’ if he is hungry and grabbed me to go to the kitchen.  This is how active my nephew is.  Just this week, I have noticed another development of him.   He is too smart because he has learned different words each day by listening to us.  Makes us laughed because he imitates every word he hears from us and from neighbors.  What is funny is that he imitates us in a baby talk way. So cute because he always imitates what my sister and I said.  Makes us realized that it is not good to say bad words because he is observing, listening and imitating.  At his age, he is gathering information to put in his mind, and so we have to take extra careful of what we say.  As much as possible, we want to mold him to be a good and respectful kid.  Telling bad words is not good at his age for he might put it inside his mind and will follow as he grow older.  Big lesson to us older to watch the words we have to say because the innocent mind of kids will think that everything we said is right.  If we want to raise a good kid, we have to be a good example for them all the time.

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2 Responses to “Our Imitator”

  1. Chiminess says:

    Yes you’re right. This post is really helpful especially to new mom’s out there. 🙂

  2. shengkay says:

    tama! (sounds like kris A)
    Sa baby ko kahit na 7months pa lang sya..I always remind my sister who babysitting her not to say bad words. Speaking bad words is a no no to me especially is kids are around..

    hahaha..meaning pag wala okay lang..joke!

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