Picture Frames

I have fond of buying picture frames before and put pictures of my brothers, sister, father, and the whole family.  I put it on display in the living room of our house.  It is a sort of a little gallery pictures of the family.  It is my way of entertaining visitors in our house.  At least they have something to look at aside from the family albums.  When my brother got married, and has kids.  I bought new frames for his family and his kids.

This afternoon, I felt lonely suddenly.   Strange feelings that I cannot be explain.   I just go over the displayed picture frames.  I reminisce the days when I was young and the family is intact.  Well, we are still intact just that my only sister that I have is married already and I miss sleeping with her.  We used to share bedroom.  The pictures make me happy that makes the strange feeling I have is gone.  I have realized that my sister has her son already and I think I have to buy another picture frames for her baby and her family picture.  An addition frames to be displayed in our living room.  My little gallery is getting I have noticed, and I am looking forward to buy new picture frames for the family. wink!


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2 Responses to “Picture Frames”

  1. AWN says:

    Dati din mahilig ako nyan, tapos isabit sa wall…pero noong na renovate ang house, di na maisabit ang mga family photo frames kasi concrete na…waaaaaaa.

  2. shengkay says:

    ay ako din dati..pero now hindi na masyado..siguro kasi i don’t own the house we’re living..ang hirap kaya maghakot ng gamit kong lilipat na naman..

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