VIP Treatment

As far as I know, human as creation of God are equal.  We are made in His own image and likeness.   We have the same air that we breathe, same planet we live and all deserves to be respected.   All creations are equal in the eyes of God and most importantly we are all brothers and sisters.   I just don’t understand why there are some individual who wants to be treated like they are above the others.

I have seen in some places that rich and elite individuals are treated differently.  There is so called VIP treatment.  I do not know what is it in them that they are to be treated that way.   One of the common situations where there is VIP treatment is in the jail.  There are some rich people who are put behind bars have put in different cell.  Some have television, eat different foods and wear clothes they want.  Clearly when it comes to law, poor people are treated less than to those rich people.  It is so sad but it is true and it is happening always.  I just pray that soon people will realized we are all equal and there should be fair judgment because we do commit the same level of violations and sin.


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