Healthy Mommy for Healthy Baby

Many professional says that a woman who is planning to get pregnant she has to undergone various check up to make sure of her condition and to know if her health is good enough to conceive a baby.  Because mother played the big part on baby’s development as it is starts inside their womb.  It is the right way to know the health of the mother so that the baby will be healthy also.  Various check ups are needed to make sure a woman is healthy.  Unfortunately not all women can afford to have it because it is a bit expensive and they have other priorities to think about.  They prefer to buy foods that to go to the clinic.  It is so sad, but it is true.

I have seen pregnant woman who are so thin and by looking at them, I can say that their pregnancy is not that healthy.  Because of unhealthy pregnancy, mothers gave birth to a child who is not health.  So sad and pitiful situation to see babies who are sick at the very young age.  I pray and wish that our government will be able to see such condition like this and hopefully will do something to solve and help.   A free woman check up once in a while would be very helpful to help mother be healthy to have a healthy baby also.

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3 Responses to “Healthy Mommy for Healthy Baby”

  1. shengkay says:

    Hi sis gen..we have actually a free prenatal check up sa mga brgy. centers natin..yung ibang preggy tamad lang talaga magpacheck up..per we have free prenatal check up if your pregnant.. might want to join Orange Tuesdays Meme. Would love to see you there..

  2. Mel Cole says:

    Yep, like me, I am now 7 months preggy. Missed some appointments coz there are lots of them. Geesh, its bothersome. I feel tired. Btw, could you help me win this contest sis, just leave me a short comment lang: My most memorable Mother moment and a contest

  3. Posh Fan says:

    Makes you wonder how Victoria beckham gave birth to a very healthy baby even she is so skinny. I remember reading an article in dailymail that her doctor suggested she is seriously deficient in nutrients as well.

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