Enjoying the Tetris

I have been invited by my friends in facebook to try playing tetris.  I declined the invites many times until today.  My neighbor  is keep on teasing me to play and defeat him.  It is my first time to play this tetris game but I am doing my best to defeat him because he keeps on teasing me.  Sad to say, he defeated me nine times.  I only won once.   I was so angry that is why I stop playing and go back to my online tasks.

I must admit I am enjoying it even if I have defeated by him many times.  Thanks to this friend of mine because I did enjoyed a lot.  I needed to laugh and enjoy life to forget bad things around me.  I will practice more my friend, watch and see because I am going to defeat you soon.wink!

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4 Responses to “Enjoying the Tetris”

  1. Mona says:

    don’t ever hook in an online games baka mapabayaan mo ang mas important things to do alam mo na!

  2. anne says:

    makabuang jud na gurl, ako sad nabuang ana, ay gikapouy ko oi walay katuturan wahh pero modula ko unya pagkahuman nako blog lol

  3. Pinx says:

    i stopped playing facebook games already gen…virtual money ra akong kita…maayo ning blogging kay naa pay halin… ahihihihi…

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