Noisy Blower

It’s been a week now since the blower of my laptop is making some noise.  I am so worried that is why I bring it today to the company where I get it.  After 30 minutes of waiting the technician called me and told me I have to leave there my laptop for a week because the built in fan is not in condition.  They have to send it to their branch in Manila for replacement.  I do not know what to do because to me one week is too long.

How am I able to do my online stuffs?  I can’t go to net cafe to spend hours there.  Another expenses for me and I do not have budget.  Gosh, it is true that when it rain it pours.arghs!  I talk to my sister first before deciding to leave my laptop there.  We have decided not to leave it.  We will just come back when we heard severe  I hope it wont go worse and the noise will not come back again.  So far the noise is gun.  To noise, be gone

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3 Responses to “Noisy Blower”

  1. AWN says:

    cleaning lang yan..palit ug brush nga gamay sa pintura bitaw dayon i-brush ang loob kay makatabang na…

  2. Sandi says:

    Sometimes it will do that if it is just built up with a lot of dust. You may just need to clean the fan off. I would not think it would take a week to fix. If there was a way to get to the fan or just blow off the dust I bet it would sound better.

  3. Mona says:

    Naku 1 week daming mawawala sayo nyan .. Buti n lng its working now sana nga it wont come back na kasi additional expenses yan, mahal kya mag rent ng net!

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