Girl’s Talk: Teacher’s Pet

The topic for this month is so perfect because it is back to school here in the Philippines.  Since I am out of school, all I could do is to reminisce the time when I am still studying.  I am not a good student, just average because I am the silent type.  For this week’s topis Teacher’s Pet, I can think of only one teacher that help me develop my confidence and believing in myself.


This is Mrs. Cristina Pendor, the yearbook coordinator in college.  I am fortunate enough to be one of the yearbook staff.  For a year of being the staff, this teacher taught us many things about life, the beauty of life and believing in ourselves.  ” Do not waste food, finished what you have put on your plate because some are not eating and no foods to eat”, one of her teaching to us one day when we are having our lunch.  I always remember that line every time I am eating.  She is very strict but in a good way and in the way that would make us a better person.   Haven’t seen her for a decade now and I hope to see her again even if she doesn’t recognized me anymore.:-)

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5 Responses to “Girl’s Talk: Teacher’s Pet”

  1. mjrodriguez says:

    She sounds like a wonderful teacher. It’s nice to remember people who’ve made such an impact in our lives.

  2. kim says:

    you are one lucky student to come across a teacher like her..

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  3. zoan says:

    para lang ako nagmana sa teacher mo, I always tell my son and my brothers na wag sayangin ang food talaga

    mine is up here:

  4. You are so lucky,you get take wonderful teacher.Thanks for sharing this info…

  5. she sounds like a great teacher! i hope you get too see her again ^^

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