Going to sell the house

I do not know what is my father is thinking right now.  He just got angry to us and when he talks, instead of in a calm voice, his voice is yelling.  When I asked him why he is like that, he got mad at me.  I just keep quiet and just listening to him.  My older brother has lost his temper and answered my father in a very loud voice that makes the situation worse.  Because of this incident, my father gets really mad at us and utters words that are not so good.  I am glad that my brother keep his mouth shut and let my father do the talking until he gets tired.

This morning my father did talk to me and said our house has no peace at all.  Even said we are like living in hell that makes me wants to cry.  How these things happened.  I know this is part of trials we have to face in our life but I think this is too much to handle.  I am not giving up though; I keep the faith to God that this will be over soon.  What shocked me the most is when my father told us that he will going to sell the house.  Speechless for a moment and then I told him, it is up to you since this is your house.  I do not know if he is serious or just out of anger.  Whatever happens, we have to accept if he is going to sell the house.  What makes me so sad is that this would be the beginning of our separate lives as family.  I pray to God that He will still bless us and lighten our minds.  Breaks my heart thinking about our situation right now.  God please help us overcome these trials.


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