K-12 Education Program

My sister and I are having some discussion about the K-12 education program here in my country.  It is like upgrading the basic education system by adding two more years from ten years that we have.  This program includes six years in Grades school, four years in junior high school and two years in senior high school.  The program is good because it covers special lessons on employment skills.  Very promising indeed, but the only problem is that some parents think about it as an additional expenses because of the years their kids will be in school.    Sad to say, they have a point there especially to those less fortunate ones.

Looking at the present situation of some schools in my country, I think this program won’t be implemented.  It is because some schools do not have enough classrooms and chairs for the students.  And it would be very difficult for the teachers to teach well when the classroom is so crowded.  The so-called lessons on employment skills would be very difficult to come true because of lacking of facilities.  I just wish that our government would do something about it to make the future generations of this country a very competitive individual.


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  1. instead of adding another years.. i hope the government improve the facilities and way of teaching first.

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