So Forgetful

Yesterday, the technician came to my house to reformat my computer.  I have problems in downloading files that is why I decided to reformat it.  I have told the technician to save my files first.  After an hour of doing it, finally formatting my computer is done.  I am so happy after he finished doing it but when he said he is not able to save my pictures and other files, I felt sad.  There is nothing I could do but accept it.  The worse thing happen is I forgot to write in my password and username of my blog sites.arghs!  Funny but it is true.  I go over with my notes, paper on my bag and notebook but I can’t find any.  Fortunately, I was able to remember it but did not able to do my online tasks and updating my blogs.  A good lesson for me and I’ve learned from this experience.  I got my password and username back and put it in my notes. whew!

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