So-called Eyeball

Just recently here in my country, a girl was raped after meeting the man she meets online.  After several chatting they have decided to meet finally.  They called it ‘eyeball’ where they meet for the first after sending messages online or using mobile phone.  Without even knowing the person she has meet online, she then go and meet the guy.  Fearless I must say because she went alone and never bother to bring a friend to go with her.

She trusts the guy she meets online that is why she go alone.  After the so-called eyeball, the girl got home crying and not in the right senses.  She was being raped by the man she meets online.  The very bad experience for her because this will haunt her forever.  What had happened to her is a good lesson to those who are planning to have an eyeball date with the person they meet online.  And also this will be a good warning to all girls out there.  Take it from this experience and be cautious all the time.




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