How to get rid of them?

Reading comments from my readers and visitors in my blogs is what I like to do every day.   Their comments make me inspired to write more interesting posts in my blogs.  It is my inspiration I must say because comments do motivate me to do my best to give my readers nice posts.  But reading and receiving hundreds of spam comments each day makes me sick.  It’s like comments from out of nowhere that I do not want to get rid of.  I have tried to put ways on how to get rid of them but it seems not working.  I am tired and sick of receiving comments over and over again.  I wish one day this spam comments will leave me alone.

Does anyone here know how to get rid of spam messages?  Please share it to me because I really needed it.  Thanks!:-)


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  1. anne says:

    me too, I can’t seem to get rid of them sigh

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