Aching and Swelling Toe

I am not into pampering my toes that much but when my sister-in-law treats me for pedicure I definitely said yes.  Excited but I only have this kind of pampering when there is special occasion.  My excitement was gone after I saw blood on my toe.  The pedicurist pushed it to hard that caused the bleeding in my toe.  This is the main reason why I do not like pedicure because I am afraid of my toes being hurt and have wounds.

The damage is already done because after what happened my toe is now swelling and aching.  I do not have regrets because I do like the look of my toenails, just that I cannot walk properly because it is swelling and I can really feel the pain.  I just hope that this will be gone tomorrow because it really bothers me when I am doing household chores.  Next time, I make sure to tell the pedicurist not to pushed too hard.arghs!

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3 Responses to “Aching and Swelling Toe”

  1. silvergirl says:

    ohh wawa kanaman.. Gamutin mo na lang.

  2. That was really “OUCHY” sister Gen:(

  3. J-mie says:

    Ouch. I hate when that happens too. Hope your toe gets better soon. Mahirap pa naman mamasyal with a painful toe.

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