Segregation of Garbage

One of the reasons of flooding in the country is the stagnant drainage because of the garage that caused the water to stock up.  Right now, some areas of the country is experiencing severe flooding because of the heavy rains and the drainage and canals are stagnant.  I have seen in the news those affected areas and also seen the overflowing of canals with lots of garbage.  There are some people throw their garbage in the canal that causes the water to stop from flowing.  If we are responsible enough to throw our garbage in the right places, this thing would be avoided.

Because of what had happened, people are advice to segregate their garbage and throw it in the right places.  Segregation of garbage is a big help to garbage collector to make their job easy.  They will find it easy to separate that bio-degradable and non-biodegradable garbage.  This is a good ordinance by the government and I hope people will follow because this is for our own good and the good of the county.  Let us segregate our garbage to keep us away from flooding.


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