Girls Talk: Basketball Team

I miss the topic last week because I get busy for some reason.  I promise to myself that I will not let this month be over without participating the last week of this month.  And for the topic this week Most Memorable HS Moment, this is my share.

Back when I was in high school, I hate the music class because I do not understand how to read notes and the singing part.  I do not have the voice and do not have the patience in notes memorization.  To me memorization makes me sick.  Because of these reason, I decided to join the basketball team in our school.  No memorization needed because all we have to do is dribbling the ball, passing the ball and playing basketball game.  Being part of the team makes my high school life a memorable one.  Inter-school competition was really fun then, though I am just a cheerer because I am not the star of the team.  I am new also in the team so I am more on observation on how my senior team member plays.

I did not stay longer in the team because my father gets angry because my grades are going down except for my PE class.  The grade which my coach gave to me.  No memorization, right?lol  That was my memorable HS moment.

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4 Responses to “Girls Talk: Basketball Team”

  1. Lyza says:

    It’s so nice to look back at old high school memories 🙂

  2. mahina rin ako sa memorization, until now! hehe :0

  3. kim says:

    waaahh! i wish i were good in sports just you like. not an athletic type here, lol!

    MY ENTRY is here!

  4. hihi. i was never (and will never be) good in sports so i admire you for being active in sports during high school. and with the basketball team, at that. wow.

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