My Field of Interest

Back when I was still studying, I always wanted to become a fashion designer.  I do not know why but I do like to draw different kinds of dresses.  Although it is a simple one, I like to make a signature dress one day.  As time go by, my interest changed into writing poems and short stories.  I just look around me and then start writing.  I wanted to pursue my dreams to become a fashion designer but my family can’t afford me.  Plus my sister told me to get a course that I could get a job easily.  I end up taking up business related course.  I did not like it at first, but after a while I manage to like my course.  During my leisure time, I write anything that comes up on my mind.  And since then writing becomes my first love because I feel the passion from my heart.

I finished my course with good grades and I am happy about.  I did find a job that is related to the course I finished but I always resigned.  I do not know why, I feel there is something inside me that is longing for something.  I stayed at home for quite some time and continue doing my first love which is to write.  One day I am surprised to know that I start writing things online.  I am enjoying doing it and loving it very much.  I learned and I earned.  I then realized that to write is my field of interest.

I am thinking to get another course or to get masters degree, but I do not know what I will pick.  I have to listen to what my hearts says and then decide what to career I am going to pursue.

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