Educational Kiddie Shows

It’s Saturday once again and I have loads of work to do like household chores, babysitting and my stuffs online.  I must say, this is one of the busiest day for me and tiring day in a week because kids are around and I cannot do my things straight because of them.  It will take me hours to finish a single chores.arghs!  I do not allow them to go outside because I won’t be able to see where they are going.  I am sick of them going home and crying because the kids are fighting them.  That is why it is better for them to stay inside the house.

I opened the television and tuned in to kiddies show.  I am glad of these shows because I keep kids from quarreling and going outside.   A good way for them to learn even they are just at home.  There are lots of educational kiddie’s shows to choose from.  What I like the most is that these kinds of shows do make the kids participate and think while watching the show.  Also, this is a good exercise for their brains in preparation for schooling.  Thanks for these shows because I am able to do my chores fast and straight.

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  1. Mona says:

    Tama .. stay n lang inside the house mas secured pa.

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