Future or Lovelife?

This is the question that a friend wanted me to answer her when I open my computer.  She is in the midst of thinking what would be the best decision to make in her life and the same question that her long time boyfriend wants to hear from her.  Simple question yet takes a lot of thinking because it is a decision that when you make it, it is forever and no turning back.  I felt her confused mind because of what her boyfriend wanted to happen.  She has a plan to help and support her family while the opportunity of working abroad is still there.  This opportunity allows her to give more help to her family.

To be asked by a friend to give an advice is an honor but it gives me a lot of thinking of what would be the best advice to give to her.  It is not easy I must say because I do not want to be blame if ever she takes my advice. Whew!  Giving advice is not new to me since I have been asked many times by friends who seek an advice.  But her questions give a little pressure to me for it is like a matter of life and death.  I give what she needed to hear I guess, and she agreed about it.  I wish her all the best because at the end of the day, it is her decision that really matters.


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2 Responses to “Future or Lovelife?”

  1. irish says:

    Its true. Its hard to come up with a decision if you are confused with two things. Have a blessed day to u.

  2. Mona says:

    Its really hard to give advice lalo na if in the end ikaw pa yon mablame .. Pero siguro support na lang in whatever decision she will make kasi its her life pa rin eh she will be the one to decide.

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