Kitchen Wares

Finally, I bought some kitchen wares that I have planned to buy months ago.  I am a bit blessed the past weeks that gives me the money to buy the kitchen wares that I wanted.  Though it is not that expensive but the thought of buying the things that I wanted makes me happy.  I can now say that I have seen the fruit of my labor in the blogosphere.  I am slowly buying things that I am longing to buy months ago.  I am an addict for kitchen wares, the things that I wanted to put in our kitchen.

I love to see the fruits of my labor in our kitchen.  Every time I go to the kitchen it makes me smile and happy seeing it.  I pray that I will be able to buy other kitchen wares of my dreams in the future.  And I also  pray more for blessings in here for me to help my family in financial matters.  Thank you Lord so much for these blessings!

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2 Responses to “Kitchen Wares”

  1. Mona says:

    congrats girl .. bait ka kasi kaya ka blessed ni God. ako i’m planning to buy naman cp kahit yon mumurahin lng 1T ok na =) from my income here. Nagloloko na yon cp na ginagamit ko eh ..

    • Genny says:

      makakabili ka rin girl…ako meron na…post ko later on. happy ako seeing the fruit of my labor dito sa blogosphere.:-)

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