Poor Mangroves

A family friend just bought their new house three months ago.  We we are invited by them many times to visit them but did not able to visit them for some reason.  Yesterday, we plan to go to the park and since their house is near we decided to drop by before going to park.  It was a surprised  visit for them.  Their house is beautiful and the place is quiet because it is closer to beach.  I was roaming outside when I saw some interesting spot to take a photo.  Below are the photos I took outside their house yesterday:



I then realized that the place where their house is situated was part of the beach.  It was a former sanctuary of sea creatures called mangroves.  I felt sad for the sea creatures living there.  It is like they were ousted in their own home.  Mangroves is their home and it is gone now because humans are building their houses.  I can say people has nowhere to go that is why taking the area which is not for them.  I wish that the city will sees this and will realized that it is not a safe place to build a house because it is part of the beach and the soil is not fixed.  Might put their lives in danger if natures attacks.  I hope and pray not.

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