Our home sweet home

Years back, my father applied for a housing loan for the family.  It was his plan to get a house for the family because we have been renting for years already.  He sold the old house after my mother passed away and decided to move in the city.  It was the toughest times of our life but thank God we are able to surpass it.  When the company where my father works offered for a housing loan to the employees, my father grabbed the opportunity right away.  It is really a good opportunity because the terms of payment is salary deduction.

At first we paid it regularly but stopped when my father resigned from his job.  We did not able to pay for eight years now and the home mortgage office called us early this year telling us to pay or the house will be foreclose.  It was a very sad news for the family.  We live here for 17 long years and we do not want to lost the house that is why we decided to sell the only property my father heirs from his mother.  Tough for my father but we do not have any choice if we want to keep the house.

After six months, the home mortgage called us again to follow-up for the payment.  God is really good because the buyer of the property called us also and said they will pay next month.  We are sad because we are going to lost the property that my father heirs, and at the same time happy because we can now pay the house and can finally we can call it our house. Our home sweet home.  Indeed the saying ‘If you lost some you win some’ is true.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    so sorry to hear that.. but always look at the brighter side of life diba?

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