Girls Talk: Words with “i” and “e”

The wordy Girls Talk topic for this month is about to end, and I can say that I learned from it especially the weird/funny word/s topic.  For this week’s topic Miss Spelling word/s topic, I have lots to choose from because I am not good when it comes to spelling a word.  Ever since I have hard time is spelling the word that has the two vowels in between.  Ever since I find it hard to spell words that has “i” and “e” in the middle.  Usually I interchange those two vowels.

I am glad that using computers helps me a lot because misspelled word will automatically change.  I admit up to now I still have the problem with those words with two vowels in between.  Never learned and I hate it.arghs!  I hope through this meme I can finally learned and will finally spelled it correctly.

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  1. Anne says:

    hehe! you’re not alone in that… and I guess we will always be aided with computers…

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