Girls Talk: Black is Black

Another month and new topics to discuss this month of September.  Topics for this month is all about colors.  This week’s color to share is the color Black.   Black is black and black is beautiful.  And my share is my one and only Black Laptop.


This is my first ever technology gadget and I am so much love it.   I got this laptop from my earning online and that makes this gadget so dear to me.  This is the fruit of my labor.  Through this gadget I am able to help my family financially.  This laptop is my partner in doing my stuffs online.  The first day it arrives was one happiest moment of my life.

This is my Black share for Girls Talk this week.  Happy weekend everyone!

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4 Responses to “Girls Talk: Black is Black”

  1. Rcel says:

    That black laptop is perfect! Mine is white so it can’t be an entry! lol. You might want to check out my Black HZ30W though. Thanks sis Gen and have a great weekend!

  2. Ug naguba ang OS by yours truly whahh

  3. PEACHY says:

    I can’t imagine just how special that laptop is for you… 🙂
    I would treasure my laptop too if I got it the same way. Really lucky!

    Here’s mine:

  4. aww.. anything that helps the family, i’ll be also glad to have like you 😀

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