Glad we have washing machine

In two days time, my father, brother, nephew and I will be going to visit the province where my parents grew up.  Exciting travel because it has been six years now since the last the whole family visited the province.  I have to prepare everything that we needed and also do all my household chores before we live.  One thing that needs my attention, is the loads of laundry.  I have to finished the laundry because we will be away from home for a week.  I was not able to do the laundry lasts week because I am busy with other things.

I remember back then I am doing hand wash and it took me whole day to finish my laundry.  Makes me so tired especially on the jeans part.  I am glad now we have washing machine to help me in doing my laundry.  I can now finished my laundry fast because I can do both.  While the washing machine is doing the jeans and those heavy clothes, I can hand wash some shirts and white clothes. Thank to my father who bought this washing machine for me to use in doing the laundry.  Indeed technology played the big part in this modern world.

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