The Island Souvenir Shirts

PhotobucketEvery time I visited a place, I see to it that I have something with me that reminds me of that place.  I have been visited Bohol many times already but did not able to buy island souvenir shirt.  I so love to have a shirt where my parents grow up.  I did not able to buy before for some reasons.  A week ago, I visited the province of my parents again and I promise to buy island souvenir shirts for my sister, SIL and for me.  I am glad that my father gave me money after telling him that I want to buy three shirts.

This are the three island souvenir shirts that I bought from my short vacation at my parents province.  Most of the designs are the famous tarsier.  I did not able to see this animal for real yet, but this would be my next plans when I have the chance to visit the place again.  The tarsiers design are my sister’s and mine.  I am happy that my sister did like the design. We do not have the same taste and I am scared what if she will not like it.  Good thing she agreed to my choice and give a smile and thank you.  Thanks to my father for sponsoring the money for this wonderful island souvenir items.

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  1. Pinx says:

    nice jud diay sya gen…

  2. I like the designs of these T-shirts. Hope they are not too expensive. 🙂

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