I got new phone

A month ago my new phone was stole from me.  I was on travel when someone took my phone inside my bag.  It was the first time that happens to me and I am so angry about it.  I cannot believe someone could really do that.  It is still fresh in my memory what has happened to my phone a month ago.  I am so angry because that phone was one month old in my care.  And also I am sad because it is really difficult if we do not have phone nowadays.  Phones becomes the needs in every individual in this modern world so that we can be reach anywhere we are and also we are still in contact with our family and friends.

The feeling of anger and sadness are gone now because I do have my new phone now.  I get a new one because phone is really important to me.  I am so thankful to my father who gave me the money for me to buy a new phone.  I am happy now and I have learned my lesson not to trust to anyone because a relative or a friend can do such things without our knowledge.  I am not in contact with my friends and my family can contact me anytime especially if I am out of the house.

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