Technician to the rescue

It has been months ago since the last time I brought my laptop to the store where I bought it because the built-in blower is making noise.  I used the one year warranty to have them check my unit. After checking, the technician told me that I should leave my laptop there for them to have thorough check up and if there is problem they will replace the blower.  I am happy about it but when I asked them when I can get my laptop back the technician told me ‘not sure’.  Says it depends on how worse is the condition of my laptop and depends if they have available blower as replacement.  I felt sad thinking about the stuffs I do online.  I cannot leave my laptop there for almost a month because my blogging career will be so much affected.  I decided not to leave my laptop there.  I can still bare the noise because when I tap the battery the noise stops.

But just recently the noise becomes louder and no matter how strong my tap is, the noise is still there.  It’s getting worse I can tell that is why I bought my laptop to another technician.  The technician does the checking and found out that it was the dust that caused the noise.  Nothing is wrong with my unit only needs to be cleaned.  In less than an hour the noise is gone.  I am glad I went to another technician for second opinion.  No noise from my laptop now and I am so happy about it.  Thanks to the technician for the satisfying service.

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