The propose printing business

I have always thought of putting up a small business here in the house.  Since I always stay at home, I am thinking of having a small business where I could earn to help the family in financially.  It is not easy if our pockets are empty because in our life we really need to have money to support ourselves and to help the family.  No one will help us if we do nothing in this very difficult economic situation.  I have a small business before but did not last longer because of the many competitions.  So this year, I thought of another line of business.

I was talking to my sister about my plans of putting up a business.  We have a serious talking a week ago and decided to put up a small printing business.  There is a school here in our village and that is an advantage if we are going to put up printing business.  It is a good idea, so we agreed to buy printer and printing materials.  Hopefully, next year will push through so that we will have a small business that will bring money in our pockets.  We are going to tell my father about this proposal so that we will budget the initial capital we needed.

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  1. Pinx says:

    wow! good luck gen! i used to do desktop publishing before i got into blogging. i would make and print wedding invitations here in the house, but hinay man ang negosyo, so i went into blogging. hehehe.

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