Thinking of buying new dog chain

My seven years old dog is getting stronger as he gets older.  I already bought more than ten dog chain for him because he breaks it easily.  I do not know how he did it.  We put him at the back of the house so that he could see it there is someone at the back.  The burglar almost gets in the house the night when we all went to a birthday party.  Luckily we got home when the burglar is trying to open the back door of the house.  This is the main reason we put our dog (Jasper) at the back of our house.

Jasper has been escaped many times already and it will take me more time in capturing him again.  The thing that I do not want to happened again because only I who can come near Jasper.  I do not want him captured by city pound that is why I am thinking of buying a better dog chain for Jasper.  A dog chain that is strong enough to handle Jasper’s  The kind of dog chain that won’t break easily and lasted long.  I went to different malls and still cannot find the best dog chain for my Jasper.  I will keep looking and I hope I will find the good quality for it is very difficult when Jasper escape.

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