The 32 inches television of my sister

The sister cannot bear anymore the old television that her husband bought.  The color contrast of the television is not properly working because of the aged television.  It will make your eyes teary while watching because you have to come closer to see the show you are watching.  The longer the television is playing the darker it becomes until the screen is almost color black.  The sister is wishing to buy a new television because their old television might destroy their eyes.  Because of many unexpected things that happen in the previous months, the sister did not able to buy new television.

As they say, if it is meant to be it is meant to be.  The sister is patiently saving money little by little until she has enough money to buy their new television.  The television is so beautiful that makes the kids always go to sister’s house and watch their favorite show.  The kids say that the people inside the television of my sister is bigger compared to  Well, of course it is bigger because the sister’s new television is 32 inches while ours is 21 inches.  They are envy I can tell, but they are just kids and the television is new that is why they wanted to have the same television.  Anyway, I am glad that the sister has new television, her eyes is free from the pain that caused by their old television.

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  1. Chie says:

    good for your sister sis..hehehe bitaw sa? meant to be na madaot ang ila TV to buy one which is far better with big screen pa

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