Meeting my blogger friend for real

The father and I are so sad because we did not make it on time to board in the ship that will bring us to our destination.  The road going to Cagayan de Oro is under renovation and it took us seven hours to get there.  The supposed to be six hours travel turns out to be seven.  When we reached the CDO pier, the ship is gone ten minutes ago.  The father is so mad because of what had happened because we are meeting someone on that afternoon for business transaction.  Good thing there is another ship that leaves 7:00 O’clock in the evening.


We arrived 7:00 in the morning and the other ship leaves at 7:00 in the evening.  We have to wait for 12 hours at the pier.  I am glad I bring my laptop with me to ease the boredom.  I talked to some of my friends online and decided to meet my blogger friend who lives in the CDO.   My hours of waiting there was not go into waste because I get the chance to meet ad talk to lovely Joahna.  We did have a good time talking and laughing even if it is just a short time.  It was really nice meeting you Joahna and thanks very much for the treat.

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  1. unikorna says:

    that is so lovely, I too have some blogger friends I would love to meet but I live in Europe and the plane tickets are You have a lovely blog, very honest and pleasant.

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